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Employee Onboarding for the Best First Impression

Help New Hires Transition into High-Performing Employees!

Integrate new hires into the organization through an impactful, memorable onboarding experience.

Say NO to boring new hire training!

Make onboarding fun with digital strategies today’s learners will love – videos, games, scenarios, virtual tours, and more.

First impressions matter!

Make your new hires feel at home and engaged with your organization’s culture.

From formal classroom training, self-directed eLearning, social learning, to just-in-time performance support, we offer it all!

Our blended learning solutions leverage the benefits of all training formats, offering new hires the best of formal and self-paced learning, flattening the ‘forgetting curve’.

Our solutions help build brand loyalty in new hires – for lower turnover rates, higher profitability, and increased customer satisfaction.

We’ll let our work speak for itself!

Share your learner profile and onboarding roadmap with us, and watch your new hires quickly go up the learning curve with training that wows them!

Blended Learning for Role-Based New Hire Training

Explore CommLab India’s comprehensive blended solution for onboarding for a leading CRO that effectively reduced the time new hires spent in the classroom, and successfully introduced them to the company and their specific roles.

Blended Learning for Role-Based New Hire Training
Interactive eLearning Curriculums to Reduce Training Time

Interactive eLearning Curriculums to Reduce Training Time

Read how we redesigned the New Hire Training curriculum (classroom and online) for the sales, business development, and customer success divisions of one of the world’s largest travel platforms, cutting down the current 12-week program to an 8-week self-paced one.

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The CommLab India Edge

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Make New Hires Productive, Faster

Equip new hires to handle their roles and responsibilities faster and better with engaging digital solutions.
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Foster Teamwork & Inclusivity

Make new hires aware of and engaged with your company's values and culture to help them integrate quickly.
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Build Great Connections

Help new hires build positive workplace relationships to enhance productivity and reduce employee turnover.

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Get Started with Seamless Employee Onboarding!

Unveil the secrets to highly engaged new hires.