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Custom eLearning Solutions Aligned with Your Business Goals

New-Age Interactive Digital Solutions for Employee Development

Upskill and reskill employees with custom solutions that address their Learning needs.

Boost employee productivity with the latest in Learning Technology and Instructional Design.

Reach your learners where they are – make learning memorable, relevant, realistic, personalized.

We understand that online learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why we customize eLearning courses based on your learners, training topic, degree of learning difficulty, your budget, timelines, and other factors.

Our Learning Experts will consult you on the best solution – to help you meet your learning goals.

Level 1 eLearning 


Level 2 eLearning


Level 3 eLearning


Default GUI

Simple Audio (read onscreen text)

More Info Buttons and Links to Additional Resources

Simple Assessments (Multiple, Single Select Questions)

Simple Interactivities (Click to Reveal activities)

Advanced Assessments (Drag and Drop, True/False, Matching, Can You Recall, Do You Know, Scenarios)

Media Elements (Videos, Animations)

Immersive Strategies (Scenario-based Learning, Guided Learning, Simulations, Case Studies, LEAD)

Customized GUI, Multiple Voiceovers (if needed)

Complex Strategies (Storytelling, Branching Scenarios, Gamification)

Share your learning goals with us. We will design custom eLearning solutions that address your specific needs and bridge your performance gaps, in the authoring tool of your choice.

Gamified eLearning on Information Security

Explore how we designed a gamified scenario-based course to help employees recognize, rectify, and report security risks. The question-driven approach offered an engaging, fun experience and increased awareness of security threats and how to handle them.

Gamified eLearning on Information Security

Interactive eLearning for Sustainability Training

Interactive eLearning for Sustainability Training

We designed an interactive eLearning with elements such as discovery interactions, animations, demos, and practice opportunities. Explore how this approach introduced learners to Sustainable Agriculture and increased their readiness to adopt such initiatives.

LEAD for Onboarding

We developed an engaging onboarding training program to reduce employee turnover and enable scaling up and tracking. Explore how a LEAD-based eLearning course took learners through their Mission, Values, Culture, Structure & Leadership, and more.

LEAD for Onboarding

Case Studies for Safety Training

Case Studies for Safety Training

We empowered a multi-cultural global workforce to recognize hazards at the workplace to meet their ‘Zero Safety and Environmental Incidents’ goal. Explore how we developed a responsive eLearning with case studies, and translated it into 25 languages.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Get Started with Custom eLearning

  1. CURATE CONTENT from your existing sources. It could be your classroom training material, webinars, videos recordings of subject matter experts, documents, and more. This will save you the time of creating content from scratch.
  2. IDENTIFY THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES of the eLearning course. This will help you pick the exact content that will help learners close their performance gaps – need to know and nice to know content.
  3. AUDIT CONTENT that matches the learning objectives. This will help you update content where needed. You can also spot and fill any existing content gaps – from your subject matter experts or other sources.

Custom eLearning courses are for your learners on your proprietary services and products, processes, and systems. So having up to date, healthy content is the first step to unlock success.

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eLearning levels that meet your varied needs, plain development, translations, and more – we provide holistic services under one roof.

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