Adobe Captivate: The Cockpit of eLearning Simulations

Learn how our eLearning Maestros use Captivate to “Capture” Learning Nuggets

Adobe Captivate is a tool built for your software training and responsive eLearning requirements.

With our staff fully trained in Adobe Captivate, here’s what CommLab India can do for you:

Enhanced Software Simulations

Enhanced Software Simulations​

We leverage the responsive screen capture capabilities of Captivate to develop high quality responsive simulations. Your simulations will be accessible across all devices, seamlessly.

Seamless Responsive Learning

Seamless Responsive Learning

We develop responsive courses quickly using the enhanced features of Captivate such as fluid boxes. We ensure the course plays seamlessly across devices, reducing development effort, time, and cost.

Easy Legacy Course Conversions​

Easy Flash to HTML5 Conversions​

Legacy Captivate courses can be auto-migrated and made mobile-compatible very easily. We help transform your desktop-only courses to fully responsive modules that can run on mobile devices quickly and efficiently, drawing on our expertise in Captivate.

High-Quality Translations

High-Quality Translations​

We make online course translations a straightforward process using Adobe Captivate’s inbuilt functionalities. We ensure the translated course is accurate in terms of content and design. Text, video, audio – we do it all!

Technical Proficiency

1 Case

Integrating and Linking Audio to Branching Scenarios

A software company for tax professionals wanted us to develop a course with branching scenarios using Captivate, supplemented by relevant audio.

Unlike other tools, Adobe Captivate does not allow linking specific slides to specific audio clips in branching scenarios. Considering that branching in general usually involves a lot of permutations and combinations, this was proving to be quite challenging.

We developed the course in Adobe Captivate with a single audio file. To link audio sections to specific branching slides, we correlated the branching slide frames with the specific audio time signatures. This way, when a learner clicks on a particular branching element (in any order), he is taken to the respective slide and the correlated audio is played.

Captivate case 1
Captivate case 2

Multi-SCO Wrapper to Launch and Track Multiple Courses from a Single Interface

A Flooring Solutions provider in Europe wanted to develop and integrate 19 languages of their Code of Conduct training into a Multi-SCO package.

Each language was a separate SCO with its own final quiz at the end, and a completion criterion of 100%. They also wanted to have a launch page for all 19 languages and track the course completion for all learners on the LMS.

We developed an HTML launch page with 19 languages and linked each language to the individual SCO. We then created a multi-SCO wrapper where all language SCOs were embedded. The parent imsmanifest.xml was modified to include links to the respective SCOs in order to enable tracking on the LMS.

2 Case

Customer Stories

Not only do we have in-depth technical expertise, we also provide our clients with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that address their training requirements. 

Browse the case study infographics below to get an idea of CommLab India’s capabilities as a rapid eLearning solutions provider.

ILT to eLearning Curriculum – Sample Case

Developed 3 curriculums on a Performance Management Software for a leading Tax & Accounting software company in the USA.
Software Training for Sales Reps
Success Mantra: Tool mastery, constant communication with stakeholders and
SMEs, templatization, and process adherence by both parties.

Legacy eLearning Course Conversion – Sample Case

Republished 153 courses from Adobe Captivate 9 to Captivate 10 to make them iOS and Android device compatible, for Athletic Trainers.

Success Mantra: Standardization and communication.

Translations – Sample Case

Translated a compliance course into 18 languages for the internal employees of a major entertainment conglomerate in the USA.
Success Mantra: Continuous communication with client in-country reviewers,
development checklist, and domain expertise.

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