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Adobe Captivate to Fast Forward eLearning

Leverage CommLab India’s Know-How to Provide Interactive and Responsive eLearning Solutions!

Our highly experienced team uses Adobe Captivate to:

  • Develop responsive eLearning courses
  • Convert ‘desktop-only’ to ‘fully responsive’ mobile modules 
  • Create software simulations 
  • Convert existing PowerPoint content to interactive videos
  • Create multi-module branched courses
  • Create engaging interactivities 
  • Translate eLearning courses easily

Avail our expertise in Adobe Captivate to create 360° learning experiences, with high-quality translations, multiple theme support, quick start projects, & more!

GUI Customization of Adobe Captivate with Inbuilt Variables

The requirement was for a customized GUI for Adobe Captivate with interactive elements (Play/Pause, CC, Replay), as the client wanted to shift to Adobe Captivate and be able to update the content themselves.

We used advanced actions (cpCmndResume, cpCmndPause, cpCmndCC, cpInfoCurrentFrame, cpCmndGotoFrame) and JavaScript to crack the code and transform the GUI elements and successfully delivered a customized GUI that worked as smoothly as the default one.


Multi-SCO Wrapper for 19 Languages for a Flooring Company

The requirement was to develop and integrate 19 languages of their Code of Conduct training into a multi-SCO package. Each language was a separate SCO with its own Final Quiz and completion criteria. A launch page was also needed to track course completion of learners on the LMS.

Our solution was to develop a HTML launch page with 19 languages, linking each language to its individual SCO. We then created a multi-SCO wrapper where all language SCOs were embedded. The parent XML file was modified to include links to the respective SCOs to enable tracking on the LMS.

Adobe Captivate & CommLab India – A Winning Combination!

We’ll help you leverage everything that Adobe Captivate offers.