Who We Are & What Makes Us Tick

Our Story

CommLab India came into existence 21 years back – the result of synergy between two diametrically opposite people – a dreamer and a doer, with a background in management and training, and a shared hunger to succeed and help others succeed. In 2000, we had just one computer and a cramped office space but were never short on ideas.

Our vision was to empower employees and businesses worldwide with great learning – any time, any place, and later (when mobile technologies came on the scene), on any device as well. We are pleased to say that we were amongst the pioneers in eLearning worldwide, and along the years, have steadily gone up a steep learning curve ourselves, and as learning professionals, are committed to lifelong learning and helping others learn.

Today, we are proud of where we are and of our contribution to our customers’ success. We serve 100+ customers in 30 countries and their endorsement of us, as demonstrated by the repeat business they give us, is our biggest achievement. Our story is a collective one – of every talented and dedicated person at Commlab who has helped and continues to help our customers succeed. And so, our story continues…  


Our Purpose

Creating Rapid eLearning Solutions to transform the way organizations train their employees.

Who We Are

We are an organization:  

True value

That creates true value for all stakeholders – owners, employees, suppliers, customers, and society in general.

The Most Sought-After Rapid eLearning Solutions Expert – CommLab India 1

With decentralized leadership – Ayesha manages the teams and RK constantly ups the bar for the company.

socially-conscious corporate

That is socially conscious, feeding the homeless every single day, and funding the education of hundreds of children.

Debt free

Answerable only to our employees and customers – a partnership company that is debt-free (saying no to offers from financial investors to guard our autonomy).

Global enterprise

That employs the best people and adopts the latest technologies, creating great customer loyalty – a global enterprise, among the leaders in its market.

Our Culture and Values

Our culture is a blend of all our values, our ultimate competitive advantage that ensures CommLab India stays at the forefront.

We build and promote our culture by actively practicing our Values:

One Team, One Family

Our visitors are impressed by the family-like atmosphere that exudes camaraderie and enables easy communication and mutual respect.

Delighted, Loyal Customers

We always put the customer first. That’s why we have so many loyal customers who have been with us for more than a decade.

Enriched Owners,
Employees, and Suppliers

We believe in our employees and suppliers (our primary partners) sharing in our success.

Meticulous Planning, Impeccable Execution

We use state-of-the-art online project management tools to deliver projects with quality, on time, within budget.

Endless Growth through Continual Learning

We invest much time and resources in training – much higher than the industry average – and encourage cross-learning within the company.

No Passengers,
Only Pilots

We encourage our people to take more responsibility, placing more value on merit than on educational qualifications or experience.

Serving the Needy

Right from when we started CommLab India, we have demonstrated our fierce commitment to social responsibility.

If you are looking for a reliable, ethical, professionally managed, rapid eLearning solutions Company that is passionate about what they do…