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Impressive content presentation, modern visual design, and rich interactivities make for amazing eLearning courses, and dominKnow offers a range of authoring tools that meet this need: 

dominKnow Components

Here’s what CommLab India can do for you with dominKnow

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Collaborative design and development process

dominKnow makes real-time collaboration with team members and customers possible. You can bring in developers, reviewers, and subject matter experts on to a single platform to work on content and design together, on the same project!

Responsive eLearning

Responsive eLearning for any device

We leverage Flow to develop fully responsive eLearning courses for delivery on multiple devices. We effectively use the built-in themes and customizable templates to churn out eLearning courses quickly.

HTML5 Output

HTML5 output for multiple browsers

We leverage Claro to quickly convert your PowerPoint presentations to engaging and interactive HTML5 output with fixed layouts, for viewing on desktops, PCs, and mobile devices. We can also add or refine your existing PPT content or add interactivities and assessments to benefit your learners.

Software Simulations

Software simulations are easier than ever

We leverage Capture to create software simulations for standalone training or as part of other courses developed using Flow and Claro. Let your employees experience online software training that’s as good as classroom training!

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Our experts have in-depth knowledge and impeccable technical expertise. Our clients want to work with us as we provide them with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that address their training requirements. You can also experience why our clients around the globe trust us and how CommLab India has changed the way they train.

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