Mobile Learning Strategy for The Training Managers: What, Why and How?

Tips for Successful M-learning Implementation

  • Several statistics have made it very clear that mobile learning is the future of learning. Many a time, training managers find it difficult to take a clear stance about mobile learning. They are confronted with questions, such as "how do I get started with mobile learning?" and "what are the technological and infrastructure aspects that need to be considered, before foraying into mobile learning?" 
  • To find answers to these questions, access this webinar that will clear your doubts about mobile learning. It will give you comprehensive information on the technological requirements of mobile learning and help you formulate the appropriate design and development strategy.

The webinar Mobile Learning Strategy for Training Managers: What, Why and How? answers:

  • What is mobile learning?
  • What are the best practices of designing content for mobile devices?
  • What kind of training programs can be delivered through mobile learning?/li>
  • How to choose the best rapid authoring tool to create mobile learning courses?

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