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Handy Guide That gives a Complete Understanding of the Quality Assurance process

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Free Guide: Quality Assurance in eLearning Courseware DevelopmentQuality is important for any product or service and it can be achieved by setting a stipulated standard for both processes as well as the final product. In the context of eLearning, quality needs to be maintained in the courseware development processes to ensure its effectiveness in meeting the learning objectives of the course.

How can you establish this process in your organization? The ebook "Quality Assurance in eLearning Courseware Development" will give you an overview of the Quality Assurance (QA) process that can be integrated into any eLearning courseware development.

You will get an overview of the following in this eBook:

  • QA process and its objectives
  • Developing a QA process
  • Stages of QA process
  • Case studies of QA in action
  • Sample QA checklists for different stages
  • QA while using different authoring tools
  • QA process for translation and localization

If you think you need to review your existing quality assurance process or would like to establish new ones, you will find that this eBook is a handy guide.