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Our client is a world leader in beauty and personal care packaging (including plastic and laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, and samplers), with recognized expertise in fragrance and lotion caps, compacts, lip-gloss, promotional items, and accessories.

With the help of their 12,500 strong workforce, their sales reached $1.2B in 2021. With 43 industrial sites and offices across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, they serve large and small brands in 60 countries across the world.

They provide local presence and global reach; robust innovation, design, and project management capabilities; solid operating excellence; world-class manufacturing, decoration, and full-service; as well as a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.



The client came to us as a referral from a satisfied customer from another organization, and we started working with them in 2016. Our first project with them was a Recruitment Module worth $6000.

When they saw the quality of our work, our iterative process that meant minimal infringement on SME time, high learner engagement, better course completion rates, and our expertise in most of the popular eLearning authoring tools including Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, iSpring, and dominKnow, they continued to partner with us.

We are now on their list of approved vendors, and have worked with them on 18 projects till date, working mainly with 2 stakeholders from the organization.


The client is looking to train their managers on Change Management to ensure their projects are successful, both technically and in usage and adoption. They had already created a change management methodology to help their managers, that included the four phases of change management and the ten tasks under them.

How does a global leader in beauty and personal care packaging facilitate change adoption in the organization, especially in digital projects, to enable transformation?

eLearning for Change Management Training – A Success Story 1

Through a highly interactive eLearning module on change management methodology!

The eLearning module was required to be interactive and engaging, with gamified elements. The 30-minute course was to be supported by audio narration. It was to be developed in Articulate Storyline 360, and the final files provided in SCORM 1.2 format.

The time to complete the project was 4 months.


The team that worked on this project included three instructional designers, one visual designer, one courseware developer, and a dedicated project manager acting as the point of contact. The project was overseen by the Director, Learning Solutions, CommLab India.

The inputs from the client included two PowerPoint presentations, one on the Change Management Training and the other on Change Management Toolbox.

Though the inputs were clear and straightforward, the challenge was to make the course interesting and thought-provoking. The aim of the training was not to simply familiarize the learner with the 4 phases and 10 steps, but for them to understand the purpose behind each of these tasks. The course also needed the learner to relate to the learning and participate in it.

To this end, a gamified strategy was decided upon. The course opened with the Learning Journey or Roadmap showing the 4 phases and 10 tasks. The learner was taken through a case study right at the start so that they could understand the rationale behind the 10 steps and how they could use the methodology in their organization.

The case study was linked to the ten steps of the methodology. Each step opened with a thought-provoking question that set the stage for the explanation of that step. The steps were explained with the help of simple click-and-reveal interactivities to keep the learner engaged. At the end of each step, a link was provided to spreadsheets of the change management toolbox.

eLearning for Change Management Training – A Success Story 2

On successfully completing a phase, the learner was taken to a screen with a short recap of the tasks in that step and its outcomes.


At the end of the 4 phases, a short summary was provided with key takeaways.

Articulate Storyline 360 was used for course development, and the project was completed within 4 months.


This is the client’s feedback about this project and the team…

A big thank you to You, Arindam, Shalini and rest of the team for a wonderful job done - for all the inputs and suggestions, prompt responses and for understanding the voice of the customer.

As usual it was a pleasure working with you all.



This is what the client said about CommLab India on eLearning Industry.



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