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Our client is a German logistics company providing courier, package delivery, and express mail services. They offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics products and solutions ranging from domestic and international parcel delivery (delivering over 1.8 billion parcels per year!) to international express, road, air, and ocean freight to end-to-end supply chain management.

Driven by an international team of over 380,000 shipping professionals united by a passion for logistics, they connect people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Their revenue in 2021 and was around €81,7 billion. They specialize in offering innovative solutions for complex logistics challenges in the areas of sports, arts, and culture.

They also enable collaboration by bringing together customers, research and academic institutions, industry partners, and logistics experts, and invest in research into trends and developing solutions. They have several firsts to their credit, including pioneering the first green logistics product and becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target.



The client became aware of CommLab India’s services through our blogs, newsletters, and webinars. We first started working with them in 2013 on a project that was worth €4275 and required the re-creation of 3 Flash courses into Articulate Storyline. 

The quality of our work, our customer centeredness, expertise in most of the popular eLearning authoring tools, and competitive pricing kept them coming back with more projects over the years. The fact that CommLab India offers a variety of services (classroom to eLearning and VILT conversion, Flash [legacy courses] to HTML5 conversion, and eLearning translations), all under one roof, was an added incentive!

We started with one stakeholder and one small project. We now work with 23 stakeholders in the company and have done 275 projects to date, including course conversions, end-to-end eLearning projects, and translations.


This time around, the requirement was the creation of a new digital curriculum for their sales offer management system. The new system (available with the company for a couple of years) was being used to help sales representatives create offers to customers. The training on the system was being delivered through a 2-day instructor-led classroom training. 

How does a global leader in logistics,
a pioneer in green logistics products,
reduce the carbon footprint of their sales training?

eLearning Simulations for Experiential Sales Training 2

By converting their 2-day classroom training into a digital format! They wanted to divide the training content into engaging and effective eLearning modules (that could be easily consumed by their sales representatives) and upload the training in their ‘My Talent World’ LMS.

The fact that Commlab India had a lot of expertise and experience in creating videos, simulations, and interactive PPTs made them an easy choice for the project.


The best solution for the client’s requirements was an eLearning curriculum. After analyzing the classroom training material, the instructional design team at CommLab India divided the content into five modules – an introductory module and four other modules based on the different tasks the salesperson was required to perform while making an offer to the customer. Though the training was primarily targeted at newcomers, it could also be used as a refresher for experienced sales personnel.

The course offered level 2 interaction, with the total duration of the five modules coming to around 140 minutes. A dedicated project manager, an instructional designer, and a courseware developer worked on this project, which took around 5 months for completion.

Except for the introductory module, all other modules used interactive video simulations, fully supported by explanatory audio narration. Learners understood how to use the system by watching the simulations and interacting with the screen during the simulations.


The authoring tools Articulate Storyline 360 and Camtasia were chosen to develop the course as they facilitate the easy uploading of the modules in their ‘My Talent World’ LMS.

It would have been easier for the team at CommLab India if they were provided access to the system to create the simulations. But that was not possible due to some non-disclosure compliance issues. So, the client needed to provide our design team with the screen recordings   of the steps to be used in the modules. This was found to be the main challenge and bottleneck for the project as it took a lot of time to get the required recordings.

After developing the five modules of the course curriculum, CommLab India decided to provide job aids for the four simulation modules as a bonus feature. This was not part of the initially decided scope of work. 


Here is what the client said about us on eLearning Industry.



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