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Our client is a leading US research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative medicines for the unmet medical needs of patients living with life-threatening diseases. The company partners with science, academia, businesses, and local communities to develop and deliver these products to people as efficiently as possible.

The company’s portfolio of products includes treatments for HIV/AIDS, liver disease, cancer, inflammatory and respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular conditions. They have several firsts to their credit, including the first oral antiretroviral pill and complete treatment regimens for HIV. 

The company has operations in more than 35 countries, more than 14,400 employees, and total revenues around USD 27.3 billion in 2021.

Making Onboarding Interactive and Engaging – An eLearning Success Story 2


The client became aware of CommLab India and its services through our inbound marketing efforts (blogs, webinars, etc.). This ‘Onboarding Course for New Hires’ was CommLab India’s very first project for the client.

They chose to try us out as we are one of the very few eLearning vendors offering multiple services – classroom to eLearning conversion, Flash to HTML5 conversion, eLearning translations, and LMS services – all under one roof.

Going with Commlab India meant they could avoid the hassle of working with multiple eLearning vendors. Added to that was our expertise in most of the popular eLearning authoring tools including Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, iSpring, and dominKnow.

Commlab India’s quality, responsiveness, speed of execution, 24/7 availability, and ability to offer a customized solution for their unique requirements and constraints tilted the balance in our favor in the highly crowded eLearning space of corporate training.


The client was previously onboarding their new hires in Development Operations and Clinical Research through classroom sessions that were held every month. But this mode of training was found to be a drain on both time and resources, was inconsistent in quality across sessions and locations, and was available only to a fraction of the employees. The training was also not scalable, could not be tracked, and was leading to unhappy, confused employees and high turnover.

How does a global leader in clinical research provide consistent and engaging onboarding training and reduce the high employee turnover?

Making Onboarding Interactive and Engaging – An eLearning Success Story 3

Through an exceptional onboarding program, of course! One that would address the pitfalls of the current program – an engaging and interactive eLearning program that included the organization’s mission, values, and culture; its therapeutic areas and products; organizational structure & leadership; important points of contact; and a virtual campus tour of different departments. The course needed to provide new hires in DevOps and Clinical Research with the right information at the right time, and allow evaluation of the effectiveness/value of the training.

They wanted an innovative approach to the onboarding program with the use of different media elements to engage the learner. They also wanted the course to be succinct, with a total duration less than 90 minutes.


The team that worked on this project included a dedicated project manager, 2 instructional designers, a visual designer, and 2 eLearning developers. 

The optimal solution for the client’s very specific requirements was to divide the entire content into 8 modules. The learner needed to start with the first 2 modules (‘Welcome’ and ‘Therapeutic Areas’) and then access modules 3-8 (the different departments of DevOps) in any order they wanted to. The course was designed to open with a bird’s eye view of the campus with 8 different buildings. The LEAD (Learning through Exploration and Discovery) strategy was utilized here where the learner was free to click on any of the buildings/departments to learn about it.


Once the learner entered a building, he or she could see a variety of highlighted interactive elements that prompted them to ‘click’ on to learn more about that element. The learner was also free to navigate back to the home screen through the home button at the top right of the GUI.

Making Onboarding Interactive and Engaging – An eLearning Success Story 4

Along with the different types of interactivities used, each module also contained short video clips (videos of patient stories and employee interviews) that provide a glimpse about the company, their products, and therapeutic areas.


Gamification was used in the final assessment where the learner follows Andrew, a fictional character who is newly employed by the organization. Learners are asked to help Andrew while he navigates through the campus to attend his first project meeting. As he passes through each building along the way, he is asked questions about what he learned about the building. Responding correctly to at least 80% of the questions posed to him makes him eligible for his project work.

Making Onboarding Interactive and Engaging – An eLearning Success Story 5

The course was developed in Articulate Storyline, to be uploaded and administered via the client’s GXPLearn platform.

The total deliverables included a standalone course with 8 modules and a separate Final Assessment.



The course was very well received, and the client was happy that CommLab India could meet their very specific requirements. The feedback was very positive, with learners appreciating the highly interactive nature of the modules.


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