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Instructor-Led Training to Digital Learning

What is Classroom training?

Classroom training or ILT (Instructor-led training) is the most traditional form of training. The training is conducted in person by an instructor in a classroom.


What is Digital learning?

Digital learning is learning facilitated by technology. It is self-paced giving learners the freedom to learn anywhere, at any time, or on any device.


Converting Classroom Training to Digital Learning

The world around us is getting digitalized. The conventional training methodology has taken a turn towards digital learning through various formats like Micro-Learning, Video-based Learning, Virtual-Instructor led training, and much more. The benefits of digital learning are many and organizations have seen a positive shift in the way they used to train with classroom training. Digital learning has helped organizations train better and learners learn better! Digital learning courses are more convenient, flexible and more learner-centric than the chalk and board technique of classroom training.


What do we offer

We help in ILT to digital learning conversion. We convert your classroom material to various digital learning solutions very effectively. Some of them are:

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Here is How we Deliver the Best!

Rapid eLearning Design & Development Expertise

With our background in classroom training and eLearning, we:

  • Quickly make your classroom material eLearning-ready
  • Design interactivities based on robust instructional design principles
  • Retain the essence of the classroom in the eLearning
Agile Project Management Expertise

Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools Expertise

We bring your online training to life with our extensive experience in:

Authoring tools: 

Software tools (Vyond, a.k.a. GoAnimate)

Authoring tools expertise

Agile Project Management Expertise

Our agile project management helps us to:

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Case Study

Our Work Speaks for Our Success

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ILT to Digital Learning Conversion: How we did it for one of our clients

We helped a large global enterprise software company smoothly shift from classroom training to eLearning.

Delivered 9 eLearning sales curriculums with 34 modules for a total of 11 learning hours in Just 5 months!

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Learners usually prefer multiple shorter digestible learning modules or smaller microlearning modules over lengthy standalone courses.

You cannot use the classroom material as is but as a base to create performance support tools. You will have to skim the fat and learn how to differentiate between nice-to-know information and need-to-know information.

Yes, you can take help of classroom material however cannot use it as is. The key is to design and deliver the training according to the learning needs of the virtual assistance.

It is important to make learning fun and engaging for the learners. It can be done by including various digital learning strategies to make eLearning immersive. Digital Learning will not just let the learners learn at their own pace but will also give you good RoI.

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