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Classroom to eLearning Conversion

Ensure Uninterrupted Training in the Time of Social Distancing!

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Converting classroom material to eLearning isn’t simply publishing PPTs with an authoring tool. Developing learner-centric courses requires robust instructional design, authoring tool expertise, and agile project management. And this is what CommLab India’s expertise is all about!

What We Do with Your Classroom Material

With our 20 years of experience in corporate training and proficiency with rapid eLearning, we use your classroom material to design and deliver fully functional, engaging online modules.
ILT ContentWe map existing content from all sources (PPT decks, facilitator guides, and participant handouts) against the learning objectives, and fill up content gaps if any.
Narration in ILT

We script the entire narration for the course:

  • Using the facilitators’ explanations in the notes pane of the PPT decks
  • Working closely with your SMEs
Overcoming the Absence of an Instructor

Effective trainers make classroom sessions lively and engaging. When we convert your classroom material into eLearning , we:

  • Ensure the course is engaging and thought provoking
  • Offer interesting blends of different micro-learning formats
Engaging ILT to eLearning Conversion

No matter how engaging the facilitator is, they can only interact with a few participants in the classroom.

Our eLearning courses include plenty of interactivities, making learning engaging and interesting – for ALL learners.

Assessments in eLearning

Good classroom facilitators regularly check learners’ understanding through questions, but not every participant can be assessed.

In eLearning, all learners take practice questions to reinforce learning and a final quiz to measure learning at the end.

Can You Automatically Convert Classroom Material into eLearning?

The short answer is “No”.
Publishing a beautifully designed PowerPoint deck with authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline or iSpring does NOT make it eLearning. Because eLearning needs much more:
  • Sound instructional design principles
  • The ability to transfer the essence of the classroom into eLearning
  • Expertise in rapid development and authoring tools
Convert Classroom Material into eLearning

Our Process of Classroom to eLearning Conversion

Our Process for Converting ILT Material into eLearning

A Stand-Alone Course vs. an eLearning Curriculum

ILT to eLearning Curriculums

Sometimes, the question arises whether to go in for a long stand-alone course or break it up into eLearning curriculums with smaller modules. 

In addition to the usual benefits of eLearning – convenience, reach, and cost and time savings – eLearning curriculums offer:

  • Better completion & retention rates with 15-20-minute microlearning modules.
  • Just-in-time & refresher learning by delivering these short micromodules on mobile devices.

Why Choose CommLab India to Convert Your Classroom Material to eLearning?

Rapid eLearning
Development Expertise

With our strong background in classroom training and eLearning, we: 

  • Can easily identify and fill gaps in classroom material
  • Use sound instructional design principles to engage the learner
  • Make sure to retain ALL the essence of the classroom in the eLearning

eLearning Authoring Tool Expertise

  • We bring your online training to life with our expertise in:
  • We use software tools (Vyond, a.k.a. GoAnimate) within the simulation-based training for a more immersive learning experience.

Project Management

  • We have the ability to:
  • We ensure constant communication through our agile development process.

Want to See How We Did It for One of Our Clients?


eLearning Curriculums for a Software Major

Explore the use of guided learning to develop 9 eLearning curriculums for sales reps. We helped our client successfully train employees on industry-specific, updated and relevant sales and soft skills through digital learning.
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Quick turnaround and dedicated to seeing our project complete on time and on budget. Our project needed a vendor that was training focused. We interviewed a number of larger firms that showed little to no interest in the training piece of this project.

CommLab India came in with a direct focus on what we needed to achieve and made that happen on time and on budget.

Associate Research & Development Info Systems Manager

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