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Simple eLearning Courses

Make Learning Self-Paced with Articulate Rise

Get Started with Simple Page-Turner eLearning

Courses with simple presentation patterns and audio.

Use them when:

  • Learners are familiar with content
  • Topic is self-explanatory and doesn’t need interaction to aid recall
  • Need to digitize text-heavy classroom training material
  • Tracking scores and completion is unmanageable

What Do Level 1 eLearning Courses Offer?

eLearning courses at this level are low on interactivity and media elements. However, they are a great way to reduce cognitive load.
Courses developed in Articulate Rise present content in easily digestible blocks, offer links to additional external content, and make it easy to record training completion and track scores.

Courses at this level offer:

  • Simple, linear navigation
  • Static slides with simple presentation patterns (image + text)
  • Static graphics (images/tables)
  • Links to videos, podcasts, glossaries, and other resources
  • Simple assessments such as true/false, single and multiple select

Why CommLab India?

Give us your content and share your learning objectives. We will design courses with Articulate Rise and hand over the final SCORM files to you.
We’ve been consistently ranked the #1 provider of rapid eLearning solutions since the last 5 years.


Here’s just a glimpse of what our partnership brings to the table:

  • Instructional designers who will design courses based on sound learning design principles
  • A dedicated project manager to communicate with you
  • We give you the final files and all assets used, including images and icons
  • You needn’t worry about having access to licensed tools
  • Additional services you can avail (extra cost)
    • Hosting on EffectusLMS
    • Translations into 35+ international languages
    • Admin support for your LMS

Avail a 30-minute course at $3600*


Up to 10% of course edits free for 3 months from go live

*Terms and conditions apply.