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Flash to HTML5 Conversions

Revive Legacy Courses and Make them Multi-device Compatible

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 1

We’ve converted 5000+ Flash courses to HTML5 using all leading authoring tools. Our agile project management processes, authoring tool expertise, and instructional design strength help us provide holistic conversion services.

What’s the Urgency?

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 2

Once Adobe discontinues support to Flash by end of 2020, your Flash-based eLearning courses will stop playing (in any browser). Your only option is to convert them to HTML5 to make them mobile-compatible.

It is now or never for Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion! 

Whether it’s only a few or a thousand, we will convert your legacy courses at unmatched speed, scale, and quality.

You can also avail of our limited period special discounts on Flash to HTML5 conversion projects.

Why Choose CommLab India for Flash to HTML5 Conversion?

Our Large Team of Authoring Tool Experts

We have expertise in all the latest authoring tools – Articulate Storyline and RiseLectora Inspire and OnlineAdobe CaptivateiSpring, etc.

We can publish all your courses to HTML5 with:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • SCORM (or any other LMS) compliance

Stringent Processes & Agile Project Management

We follow streamlined processes for Flash to HTML5 conversions and involve you at every step.

This ensures the courses: 

  • Meet your expectations
  • Need minimal rework

Have the quickest speed to launch

Expertise in Instructional and Visual Design

We redesign your Flash courses based on robust: 

  • Instructional design
  • Visual design strategies

We also repurpose them into the latest formats, making them more appealing and engaging to your employees.

What You can do with Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Ensure your courses play across devices/platforms

Republish your Flash courses with authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Captivate 10 to HML5 output for anytime, anywhere access, on any device.

Update content and branding

To meet your dynamic business demands, we help you: 

  • Revamp courses, making them current and accessible on any device
  • Update themto reflect your branding
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 3

Translate courses to reach your international employees

Make your ‘not-so-translation-friendly’ legacy courses ready for translation by using authoring tools – even in languages with right-to-left script or double byte character sets.

Enhance instructional design or interactivity

Use the latest learning strategies based on your learners and training need (e.g., scenario-based training to training for sales reps).

Repurpose content into micro modules

We transform long courses into short learning nuggets to: 

  • Cater to the modern learner
  • Improve performance though focused short learning

Best Strategies for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for Flash to HTML5 conversion. It all depends on the availability of source files, required level of interaction, and the technical complexity of the training.  You can choose from our 4 ‘R’s Strategies.
Situation 1

“I don’t have the source files!”

If your Flash-based courses: 

  • Don’t have source files
  • Are simple and self-running
  • Don’t require a lot of user interaction

Strategy 1: RECORD them to MP4 format which:

  • Is SCORM/AICC/Tin Can compatible
  • Can be hosted on all Learning Management Systems
Flash to HTML5 conversion service – Record
Flash to HTML5 conversion service – Republish
Situation 2

“My courses were developed in older versions of authoring tools!”

If your courses were developed in older versions of authoring tools (with both Flash and HTML5 output): 

Strategy 2: REPUBLISH them to the newer version of the same tool and:

  • Enhance the courses instructionally
  • Repurpose them as a curriculum of microlearning assets in HTML5
Situation 3

“My courses were developed in obsolete software but have usable media elements!”

Strategy 2: REBUILD the courses in HTML5 using Flash Assets!

Reuse the content and assets to rebuild courses in a new authoring tool for HTML5 output for cross-platform, cross-device compatibility.

Flash to HTML5 conversion service – Rebuild
Flash to HTML5 conversion service – Redesign
Situation 4

“The content in some of my courses has become obsolete!”

If the content in your Flash courses needs significant edits OR if the source files are not unavailable: 

Strategy 4: REDESIGN the courses from scratch, using a new authoring tool.

  • Add new information in the courses
  • Use new-age interactions available in modern authoring tools
  • Leverage New Approaches such as Microlearning

What YOU should do to get started

Not much! Here’s an infographic with what you need to do for Flash to HTML5 conversions.
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 4

1. Evaluate Content

Check if your existing Flash eLearning courses are still relevant. 

  • If relevant, plan for conversion to HTML5.
  • If not, scrap them.

2. Create an Inventory of Courses

Categorize courses into those: 

  • Needing content updates vs. those that don’t
  • With source files vs. those without
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 5

3. Choose your strategy from 4 ‘R’s

  • Record into MP4 format (no source files)
  • Republish (published in older versions of authoring tool)
  • Rebuild (developed in a now obsolete authoring tool)
  • Redesign (significant updates needed)
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 6

4. Choose the Right Authoring Tool

Based on scalability, translation requirements, interactivities and cost, choose from: 

  • Articulate 360
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Lectora Inspire, Online
  • iSpring Suite
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 7

5. Decide between Mobile-friendly and Mobile-first Conversion

If your learners normally access courses on: 

  • Desktops/laptops: Go for mobile-friendly conversion
  • Mobile devices: Go for completely responsive mobile-first conversion

6. Decide between Converting In-house vs. Outsource

  • Do it in-house if your team has the required expertise.
  • If not, outsource to a reliable vendor.

A Success Story

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 8

Flash eLearning to HTML5 Conversion

Check how we helped the world's largest telecommunications provider convert a repository of 1500 Flash-based courses to HTML5, using the authoring tool Lectora Online!
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 9

CommLab India has been a valuable extension of our learning organization.

Working with the team is an enjoyable and very easy experience. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and very supportive.

Manager, Global Product Education

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