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Make Your Flash or Legacy Courses Multi-device Compatible

with our Rapid eLearning Solutions!

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Are you worried you’ll lose all your legacy courses?

Because they:

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Don’t have source files?

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Were developed in older versions of authoring tools?

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Have usable media elements that are going waste?

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Contain content that has become obsolete?

But most of all, are you worried that it’s too late to convert your courses now that we’re past the Dec. 2020 deadline for Flash phase-out?

We can still do your conversions.

And whatever your problem with Flash to HTML5 conversion, we have the solution!

Renew your Flash or other legacy courses to HTML5 output with authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Captivate 2019 for anytime, anywhere access, on any device with our 4R strategy.

Source Files not available

RECORD the content to MP4 format for SCROM/AICC/Tin Can compatibility and ease of hosting on all LMSs

Courses in older version

REPUBLISH the content to the newer and better version for HTML5 output


REBUILD your courses using reusable assets to get cross-platform and cross-device compatibility in HTML5


REDESIGN your courses by updating the content and using new-age interactions and authoring tools.

Working with CommLab India is easy.

The Valued Global Content Partner Plan

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We will send you:

  • Samples
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Schedule a Meeting

After the meeting:

  • We get a deeper understanding of your needs
  • You learn more about us
  • Evaluate us with a pilot project
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Sign an MSA

After signing MSA, you get:

  • Efficient pricing
  • A dedicated team
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Like you, we also don’t want your valuable Flash courses to go waste.

We’ve already converted 5000+ Flash courses to HTML5 using a variety of leading authoring tools.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 1

Flash eLearning to HTML5 Conversion: How we did it for one of our clients

Check how we helped the world's largest telecommunications provider convert a repository of 1500 Flash-based courses to HTML5, using the authoring tool Lectora Online!

A Satisfied Customer

 CommLab India has been a valuable extension of our learning organization.

Working with the team is an enjoyable and very easy experience. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and very supportive.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services with Scale, Speed, Quality 2


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