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Blend ILT with eLearning!

Convert your Classroom Material into eLearning Curriculums

Do you think it’s impossible to replicate the engagement of classroom training in eLearning?

Here’s the thing. eLearning designers with a background in both classroom training and eLearning can transform your training material (PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides, and participant handouts) into instructionally sound, impactful, and engaging eLearning curriculums.


Why is an eLearning Curriculum
Better than a Long Stand-Alone Course?

ILT to eLearning Curriculums

As though the usual benefits of eLearning in terms of convenience, reach, and cost and time savings are not enough, eLearning curriculums have:

  • Better retention rates: Unlike most learning acquired in the classroom that is forgotten within a week after training, retention and recall is better when ILT materials are converted to an eLearning curriculum (microlearning modules of 15-20 minutes each).
  • Better completion rates: Yes, and these short micromodules can be delivered on mobile devices for refresher and just-in-time learning.

This makes the eLearning Curriculum your best bet in your learning journey!

Can You Automatically Convert
ILT Material into eLearning Curriculums?

The short answer is “No”. You cannot take a beautifully designed ILT PowerPoint deck, publish it with Articulate Storyline or iSpring and call it eLearning. Why not?

Because designing and developing engaging and interactive eLearning courses calls for sound instructional design principles, the ability to transfer the essence of ILT into eLearning, besides expertise in rapid development and authoring tools.  Our ILT to eLearning conversion process developed and refined over the years guarantees excellent quality output, quickly and within budget.

This is what we do with your ILT material. We take care of:​

ILT Content

The content

We map existing content from all sources (e.g. PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides, and participant handouts) against the learning objectives, and fill up content gaps if any.

Narration text in PPT decks

Who hasn’t been baffled by the sketchy explanatory notes in the notes pane that most facilitators add to their PowerPoint decks? We script the entire narration for the course, working closely with your SMEs.

Narration in ILT
Overcoming the Absence of an Instructor

The absence of a facilitator

Effective trainers make ILT sessions lively and engaging, creating successful learning outcomes. When we convert your ILTs into eLearning, we ensure your course substitutes for the best possible facilitator by making it engaging, thought provoking and easy to interact with.

Opportunities for all learners

No matter how engaging a facilitator is, he/she can interact only with a few participants at most. However, we incorporate a number of interactivities of various types to make eLearning engaging and interesting – for ALL learners.

Engaging ILT to eLearning Conversion
Assessments in eLearning

Questions to check understanding

Although good facilitators regularly check learners’ understanding through questions and feedback in the classroom, not every participant can be assessed. In eLearning, all learners can take practice questions (formative assessments) to reinforce learning and a final quiz to measure learning at the end.

Our Process for Converting ILT Material into eLearning ​

ILT to eLearning Conversion Process

How can you Further Pep up Your eLearning Curriculums?

Monotony kills. Wouldn’t you like your eLearning curriculums to have an interesting blend of various micro-learning formats? Let us guide you to the best format(s) based on your training need and learner profile. The trick is to ensure that form follows function! In other words, choose the format based on what you what to achieve, not the other way around! You have so many options to choose from!

Why Choose CommLab India for Converting Your ILT to eLearning Curriculums?

Rapid eLearning
Development Expertise

  • Our strong background in classroom training gives us an edge – we know what goes into ILT material, its pros and cons.
  • Our expertise in designing eLearning courses helps us identity and fill gaps in the ILT material and use sound instructional design principles to engage the learner.
  • In short, we ensure the essence of the ILT is retained and none of it slips through the cracks during conversion!

eLearning Authoring
Tool Expertise

  • Our Articulate 360, Lectora, Captivate, iSpring experts bring your online training to life through simulations and interactivities.
  • We use software tools like Vyond (previously GoAnimate) within the simulation-based training for an even more immersive training experience.

Project Management

  • Our team of learning and authoring tool experts have the ability to quickly scale up development and deliver eLearning courses within your timelines.
  • We follow an agile process during development, constantly communicating to keep you in the loop.

What will you get from your ILT material?

Fully functional online modules, along with all media elements and their source files so that you can build a library of reusable digital assets.

Here’s How Everything Fell in Place for One of Our Clients

Onboarding for New Hires

Onboarding and skill development training with a blended approach for a global contract research
organization and drug development services company

1 Project, 25 Stakeholders, Execution Time: 6 Months


21 Learning hours

(6.5 hours eLearning
14.5 hours ILT)


7 eLearning courses
51 ILT materials
5 Handouts


1 Project Manager
12 Instructional Designers
1 Visual Designer
3 Developers

Success Mantra: Standardization (wireframes, templates and components),
close communication with SMEs and process adherence by both parties.
Quick turnaround and dedicated to seeing our project complete on time and on budget. Our project needed a vendor that was training focused. We interviewed a number of larger firms that showed little to no interest in the training piece of this project.

CommLab India came in with a direct focus on what we needed to achieve and made that happen on time and on budget.


Associate Research & Development Info Systems Manager

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