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  • The content is ready, SMEs have worked on it and devised the ID strategy, but we don't want to develop in-house as it’s not our core strength
  • My company has heaps of PowerPoint presentations and we are looking to convert them to engaging e-learning courses
  • Our sales training and compliance training programs have a short shelf life, and some of our programs require regular updates
  • We have the eLearning storyboards but our in-house development team is busy
  • My training manager is looking for an eLearning solution that doesn’t burn a hole in his pockets
  • A large section of our target audience works with Smartphones and tablets, and require 24X7 access to learning materials

Why CommLab India

At CommLab India, we develop and deliver fast, focused and effective rapid eLearning solutions using a variety of rapid authoring tools that fit your training’s budget and timeline.

Our strong expertise in instructional design and various rapid authoring tools enables us to deliver performance-oriented rapid e-learning solutions

Our 70+ e-learning & design experts can design, develop and deliver quality eLearning modules in fast, flexible and cost-effective way

Our rapid eLearning solution includes analysis, comprehensive feedback at every stage of development and evaluation

Why Rapid E-learning?

Organizations prefer rapid eLearning for a wide range of reasons to meet today’s fast-paced learning requirements at the speed of need

Save development time by rapidly converting training material that exists in some format (PPTs or Word Documents)

Migrate from one tool to another without a hassle

Make Flash/legacy courses responsive and mobile-compatible

Easily update courses; make existing courses instructionally sound

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Our Technical Expertise

Our expertise with majority of the rapid authoring tools helps us deliver quality eLearning courses in just a few weeks, and often faster.

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Success Stories

A glimpse of our rapid e-learning journey so far

A US-based multinational mass media & entertainment corporation recognized that its code of conduct (COC) training was falling flat among its modern-day workforce. Realizing that a course of action was long overdue, it sought CommLab’s expertise for a rapid conversion of the COC PowerPoint presentations to a fully functional e-learning module.

We proposed a scenario-based instructional design approach, paired with smart interactivities spread throughout the course, using Articulate Storyline. The reason behind opting for a scenario-based approach was to offer diverse real-world situations that teach learners how to handle potential conflicts of interest, and appropriately use company assets and information. It took our developers just 48 hours (roughly translates to 6 days) to convert the 30-page, text-heavy PPT to a fully functional e-leaning course.

A fast growing pharmaceutical company with strong brand equity in multiple therapeutics implemented a new software application – a resource planning tool. This tool was to be used by every employee of the organization, so the challenge was to train all employees located in different parts of the world. The company wanted us to develop the curriculum based on the existing software manuals.

In order to save time and speed up the process, we used the screen recording feature of the rapid authoring tool Articulate Storyline, to record the steps involved in executing each task. Our team developed the simulations in the same tool. These courses were then published to Flash and HTML5 to ensure they would be compatible with both desktops and mobile devices. Our team developed 50 bite-sized, simulation-based e-learning modules in just 3 weeks, and each module was not more than 2-3 minutes long

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Our agile approach helps to produce rapid e-learning quickly and affordably
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When time is critical, developing an engaging eLearning course can be challenging.

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