Responsive Learning Design for Multi-device Compatibility

One Design for ALL devices

With multiple devices and platforms, developing responsive courses is fast becoming a necessity to reach out to the most widespread audience possible.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions!

Responsive Learning helps bring learning into the palms of your learners.

Training Challenges

  • With the ever-increasing mobile workforce, flexibility and convenience of learning are the need of the hour.
  • Learners look for content at the point-of-need and in the context of usage.
  • Usage trends span from PCs to tablets and smartphones.
  • BYOD is increasingly becoming an integral part of corporate training strategies, but it requires e-learning support.

Responsive Solutions

  • With a responsive framework, the design and development of a single design is compatible across all possible user devices.
  • Enable learners to access content from the device of their choice.

Thinking about responsive learning

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How Can it Benefit You?

Responsive Learning is the most preferred option when designing customized learning courses for mobile devices, owing to its numerous benefits:

Seamless Mobile Learning Experience

Responsive Learning helps bring learning into the hands of learners by providing seamless access to the online course on their mobile devices.

Multi-device Compatiblility

All our courses are SCORM, AICC, and TinCan compliant, providing ease of accessibility - anywhere, anytime, across all devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Greater Accessibility

Through mobile learning, it is possible to offer performance support to employees when they need it and they have the flexibility of getting information when and where needed.

Supports Offline Browsing

Responsive design is HTML5 compatible. This supports offline browsing. Once downloaded, learners can view and read the content offline.

Bigger Audience Reach

Your millennial employees prefer mobile learning because they can access learning on the go, when and where they want to.

Reduction in Development Costs

Responsive design makes it possible to design one course for multiple devices, including mobiles. 

Breathe new life into your courses with the mobile-friendly HTML5 format.

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Why Choose CommLab India

When you work with us, you get:

  • Advice on choosing the right authoring tool for your courses
  • Flash animations converted to HTML5 videos
  • Streamlined project management processes and meticulous execution
  • Rich responsive design, compatible with mobile devices
  • Assistance to migrate from eLearning to mobile learning, seamlessly
  • Old content with a new look
  • Content repackaged into microlearning modules

Our Expertise in Responsive Learning

We are proficient at building online learning solutions that are tailored to fit all your business needs.
Responsive Learning Design | Multi-device Compatible Courses


CommLab India's HTML5 conversion services will let you repurpose your existing training program - while retaining high standards and quality.

Responsive Learning Design | Multi-device Compatible Courses

Turn-around Time (TAT)

Whether you have one course or many, we will convert them all at one go, with our authoring tool expertise.

Responsive Learning Design | Multi-device Compatible Courses


We have now developed an ‘agile’ process that will involve you at all major milestones, to build an effective course that addresses your business challenges.

Make courses accessible, and responsive on multiple devices.

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We work with various industries, with varied requirements. Yet, we ALWAYS satisfy our customers.

Our client, a mobile and fixed telephone services provider, was using e-learning courses, built using the earlier version of Lectora Inspire. Their business challenge was to convert these legacy courses using the latest version of Lectora Inspire, which supports the development of responsive e-learning courses.

Our developers worked round the clock to make sure that each course worked seamlessly on all target devices – Desktops, Laptops, Androids, iPhones, and iPads, using the cloud-based authoring tool, Lectora Online.

A client decided to refurbish existing courses developed in earlier versions of Adobe Captivate. The course has to be translated into six different languages, with a multi-GUI wrapper functionality. These courses were just page tuners with a lot of text. The course was about 3 hours long, consisting of 300 slides.

We developed 16 training modules with a multi-language curriculum. We also enhanced this course to Level 3 with narration, using graphics and animations, aligned with the client’s corporate branding.

Turn boring page turners into engaging learning!

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Delivering Excellence the Smart Way!

Each customer is different, and at CommLab, we tailor everything to your needs. Our time-tested process is:
Identify Outcomes
Decide the Tool
Develop Templates
Design a Proof of Concept
Scale Up Development

Redesign, Reinvent, and Repurpose your existing training program.

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