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Our Mastery of Articulate Storyline

At CommLab, we successfully utilize Articulate Storyline to produce projects that feature:

Responsive design e-learning for multi-device learners

Provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across multiple digital devices, ranging from desktops to smartphones.

Gamification & Game-based learning

Integrate game elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate learners and engage them effectively.

Mobile learning for “anytime anywhere” access

Bring learning into the palms of learners by providing seamless access to online courses on their mobile devices.

Microlearning for on-the-job performance support

Provide employees with timely knowledge, in easily digestible chunks, to guarantee knowledge transfer and fill gaping performance gaps - on time.

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Why is CommLab India the Best Choice for You?

We are an expert provider of custom e-learning solutions, designed and developed to optimize your course content to your needs.
We can efficiently optimize your existing course content, including PPT presentations, converting them into online courseware.
We have experience working with organizations in a broad range of industries, including finance, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Our quality solutions have made us the first-choice solution for several Fortune 500 companies.

What Sets us Apart from the Rest?

17 years of experience in the e-learning domain

A team of 50+ highly skilled e-learning developers that can meet even the most challenging requirements

Development of thousands of web-based courses using Articulate Storyline

Collaborate with us to overcome your e-learning development challenges

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Our experience? The successful execution of 1000+ projects across a range of industries

A US-based corporate company had developed 50 PowerPoint presentations as a component of its classroom training. They were looking to introduce e-Learning - but didn’t want to abandon the PPT resources that they already had.

CommLab India's team of courseware developers worked to transform the existing PPT presentations by analyzing the presentations and devising an appropriate conversion strategy to suit the content.

Using Articulate Storyline, an interactive course development tool, CommLab converted the PPT presentations into a series of interactive online courses in just 4 weeks. As a result, the company was able to begin incorporating e-learning solutions effectively and efficiently.

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A pharmaceutical company approached CommLab to develop e-learning courses using Articulate Storyline for the training of its medical representatives. The purpose of the training was to help sales reps to handle doctors’ objections better.

Our instructional and visual design experts customized the assets in Storyline’s asset library to create engaging scenario-based online learning materials. These scenarios were based upon the types of conversations that sales reps were most likely to encounter in real-life situations. The training was a huge success; not only did it thoroughly explain the content, but it engaged the sales reps in learning that was personal, relevant, and realistic.

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A global leader in the field of measurement and precision instruments needed an e-learning solution to assist its employees in learning the company’s Code of Conduct (COC). The development team at CommLab created a series of scenario-based modules and paired these with game-based assessments to ensure that the target audience achieved a good understanding of the company’s COC.

We also helped the company to take the COC training to its global workforce, through the successful translation of the modules into 12 languages including German, French, and Japanese.

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Our Articulate Storyline e-learning courses are aesthetically pleasing, highly interactive and, most importantly, tailored to specific learner needs

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"The modules are great, with a very clean look. Liked [the] graphics and icons used. Thanks for working on this project, greatly appreciated”
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