Articulate Storyline for Interactive E-learning Development

Migrating to online learning? Articulate Storyline software converts classroom training into engaging online courses easily or lets you create new e-learning courses from scratch.

If your existing classroom training content is good, it makes perfect sense to convert it into an online program – lending flexibility and consistency to the training.

If you struggle with your existing classroom training, it is better to start from scratch. Articulate Storyline eLearning software allows you to pursue either of these options.

Articulate Storyline is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that gives the Design team at CommLab India the freedom to create exclusive courses, with various levels of interactivity, for you. With a myriad of options to play around with, we have the ability to:

  • Build several courses concurrently, to save you valuable time and energy
  • Design and develop different types of training, quickly and easily
  • Combine several design elements to create a seamless learning experience
  • Create unique courses – each different from the other
  • Localize and translate courses into multiple languages, efficiently

Creating interactive courses has never been easier for us, and we have impressed our clients time and again with our team’s expertise in using this game-changing product with multiple functionalities that include:

  • Zoom interactions
  • Gamification
  • Drag and drop interactions
  • Multiple characters and their variations
  • Ready-made templates with customizable themes
  • Interactive scenarios
  • A mixture of text and media components

Articulate Storyline 2 has an intuitive interface that looks good, feels good, and is comfortable to use. All the elements of Storyline are mobile friendly, making it the perfect tool to use for a mobile learning course.

Our designers have complete control over every element that goes into developing your course, so you are guaranteed an end-product that completely meets your expectations. Give us a call today and we’ll guide you through an Articulate Storyline demo.

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