CommLab India and Articulate Storyline

For rapid, custom eLearning that runs on multiple devices

Our Mastery of Articulate Storyline

At CommLab, we successfully utilize Articulate Storyline to produce projects that feature

Responsive design e-learning for multi-device learners

Provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across multiple digital devices, ranging from desktops to smartphones.

Gamification & Game-based learning

Integrate game elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate learners and engage them effectively.

Mobile learning for “anytime anywhere” access

Bring learning into the palms of learners by providing seamless access to online courses on their mobile devices.

Why CommLab India?

  • We are an expert provider of custom e-learning solutions, designed and developed to optimize your course content to your needs.
  • We can efficiently optimize your existing course content, including PPT presentations, converting them into online courseware.
  • We have experience working with organizations in a broad range of industries, including finance, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Our quality solutions have made us the first-choice solution for several Fortune 500 companies.

What Sets us Apart from the Rest?


Rank In E-Learning

Our customers love us for our innovative, creative e-learning solutions, streamlined processes, technological expertise, and exemplary service – do we need to say more?


Training Hours

From engaging your new hires to updating your leadership with the latest info, from compliance and safety to product and software training, we’ve clocked it all.


Global Customers

Since 2000, we’ve been working with leading global Fortune 500 companies, and today our presence is spread across 100 countries.



CommLab's Storyline Portfolio

Our Articulate Storyline e-learning courses are aesthetically pleasing, highly interactive and, most importantly, tailored to specific learner needs

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