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Real People, Real Challenges

Training your sales teams and corporate channel partners on the basics of Finance & Insurance is a challenging task.

“A lot of valuable time of senior management professionals is spent on training new hires in the sales team.”

“We need to do away with our classroom training programs for corporate channel partners.”

“We need our insurance training programs translated.”

“Our workforce is constantly on the move. It’s impossible to get them to attend a classroom training at the same time.”

Converting classroom trainings on Finance and Insurance to online training? Is it worth the move?


  • Learning restricted to classrooms
  • A lot of time and money spent on arranging classroom trainings
  • Difficult to train employees in diverse geographical locations
  • Sales teams on the move do not have access to training material


  • Learning anywhere, anytime, on mobile devices
  • An amazing reduction in training costs
  • Training transcends boundaries, as the entire world becomes a classroom with e-learning
  • Online learning offers performance aids that help sales teams on the job.
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Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s how we helped our customers.


One of our clients, a leading finance, insurance, and banking firm in Australia, wanted to educate it's Corporate Channel Partners on the foundations of insurance.


A lot of precious time as well as money went into organizing classroom trainings.


A switch to an interactive e-learning solution from CommLab solved the problem.


Our client wanted to provide technology enabled programs to legal, compliance, and risk management professionals.


Converting ILT material to e-learning programs and translating them for a global workforce.


We came up with a solution to replicate classroom training with interactive online courses. That’s not all, we also provided effectively translated the course to 3 different languages.

Sounds interesting?

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We at CommLab have vast experience in providing learning solutions to companies in the banking and finance sector. We have developed courses on:

  • Business banking lending applications
  • Relationship pricing models
  • Trade finance, car insurance products
  • Consumer credit insurance, personal insurance products
  • General insurance, mutual funds and investments
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Collateral management
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What’s In It For You?

When you partner with us, we help you deliver training that is customized for your workforce.
Here are some popular online training programs relevant to your industry.
  • Introduction to the Foundations of Insurance
  • Fundamentals of Insurance Premium Calculations
  • Purpose of Income Tax Returns
  • Risk Management Process
  • Importance of Staying Compliant
  • Customer Handling Skills
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Workplace Safety Essentials

Why CommLab India

A strategic learning partner to meet the increasing training demands of the Finance & Insurance Industry
CommLab’s unique online training solutions for finance and insurance companies have resulted in engaging, interactive courses that come with the following benefits:

Interesting strategies to deliver sticky learning

An excellent replacement or enhancement for classroom trainings

Mobile learning solutions for employees on-the-go

Performance support for sales teams

Why spend more on classroom trainings, when you can get a cost-effective e-learning course to address these challenges?
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Our Most Notable Samples

Highly engaging and interactive e-learning courses on Finance and Insurance
Trainings on finance and insurance policies, or any training for that matter, does not have to be boring.

Our creative instructional strategies can work magic for your trainings.

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