Lectora Inspire for Responsive Elearning

Need to convert text-heavy courses to engaging e-Learning?

Build an e-Learning course from a PowerPoint presentation swiftly with Lectora Inspire e-Learning authoring software.

If you are moving your corporate training program online, chances are you would want to take your classroom training courses with you. The problem is, it’s hard to convert text-heavy courses to engaging online learning without the use of a reliable authoring tool such as Lectora software. Lectora authoring tool makes legacy courseware conversion easy, by chunking content in a meaningful manner and making it engaging with interactivities such as games and quizzes.

Use Lectora course authoring software to create high quality, cost-effective courseware that can be accessed from any device. Lectora’s Responsive Course Design (RCD) ensures:

  • Great looking courses on all devices
  • Access to courses on any device
  • Object scalability to fit a screen of any size>

With Lectora, you can create responsive eLearning without the use of Flash. Lectora templates make it possible to save valuable time creating courses. Customize, personalize, and create high quality courseware so your learners can:

  • Grasp information better
  • Access learning at the time of need
  • Have access to engaging and interactive learning content
  • Switch devices and experience the same great feel on all devices

Language translations are easy with Lectora Inspire. Learners can learn in a language of their choice and even switch languages mid-course, through its user-friendly interface.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can use Lectora Inspire to convert your text-heavy courses into user-friendly, engaging mobile learning courses!

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