Employee Training and Enterprise Software

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Why Software Training for Employees

Challenges with Software Training

  • Overcome reluctance to and prepare workforce for the implementation of the software system
  • Train global staff on re-engineered business processes, rapidly, with minimal expenditure
  • Ensure learners perform their tasks, effectively, using the software system
  • Provide on-the-job support to employees

ELearning to the Rescue

  • Online courses can be used to educate multinational employees on the new software, quickly and economically
  • Role-based online training modules containing Watch-Try-Do simulations help learners execute their job tasks well
  • Online job-aids can be used very effectively to deliver information at the point of need
  • Training through e-learning is convenient because online courses can be accessed anytime anywhere

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Make Use of Our Diverse Services

  • Blended Solutions: We offer blended solutions for your training needs where you can leverage the benefits of both classroom and e-learning to make learning continuous and engaging.
  • All Device Deployment: Our responsive training courses work seamlessly on both desktops and Smartphones, all thanks to the relentless efforts of our talented team of learning & design experts.
  • Microlearning: Our microlearning solutions help you engage learners with just-in-time knowledge transfer.

Our software training solutions have helped numerous customers equip their employees with the skills and knowledge required to use complex software proficiently. We have created technology-enabled learning materials for firms in various industry verticals including:

At CommLab India, we have extensive experience in creating software training using a variety of authoring tools. The technologies we use to develop software solutions include:

A Host of Customized Learning Modules

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Some of Our Noted Projects

A leading bio-research company approached us to develop an online course on its computer-based documentation application. The application was not fully implemented and new functionality was added to it each day.

We tracked the changes to the application, as we developed the e-learning course, and delivered the web-based learning material by the time the implementation was complete.

A global leader in the packaging domain wanted us to develop web-based materials to provide on-the-job support to its people, who use its newly-implemented HRIS system, WorkDay. The company asked us to create the e-learning resources within a month.

We met the requirement by developing video-based job-aids, within the desired timeframe.

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