E-Learning Solutions for Safety Training

Build a Safety CULTURE

Barriers to Effective Safety Training and eLearning Solutions

As workforce continues to diversify, employers are encountering new challenges when delivering safety training to their employees.

Conventional Safety Training Challenges

  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment and working conditions for factory workers; organizing the safe use of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals
  • Tracking whether learners have taken health and safety training
  • Providing access to safety information at the moment of need, for employees away from their desks
  • Chances of misinterpreting the content of safety training, when it’s available only in one language
  • Safety training in the classroom is not engaging; instructors just skim through PPT slides

Pros of Online Safety Solutions

  • Learners can access learning on desktops, mobile devices, laptops
  • Videos and infographics on specific safety training content can be distributed to learners when they need
  • Hazards related to chemical, biological, ergonomic, physical, and work organization are better demonstrated through visuals, videos, and scenarios
  • Upon completion of an online safety training course, employees can earn a certificate; an LMS can keep track of all the certificates
  • Offer performance support through mobile learning, and improve the overall effectiveness of safety training
  • Translate content into the local languages of your employees for better interpretation of safety content
  • Strategies such as scenarios and simulations can be used to make learning engaging and enhance knowledge retention

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Why CommLab India

Our online training on workplace health and safety will allow your employees:
  • Be trained in a safe environment
  • Build heightened awareness of their immediate environment
  • Update safety skills, periodically
  • Learn the right procedures to handle dangerous equipment and chemicals
  • Learn the safe use of heavy machinery

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With CommLab’s online safety training programs, you can:

  • Reduce incidents, stay compliant and transform your safety culture
  • Offer engaging, and real-world learning experiences that promote safe behaviors
  • Tailor courses that are specific to your safety needs
  • Deliver training to a global audience, at the click of a button
  • Draw learners in and improve their knowledge retention

Our Strengths

We provide custom solutions to all of your health and safety training needs. Try us!
As varied as the services a company provides to its customers, so are the facilities we offer.
17 years of expertise, coupled with the latest instructional design approach & development process, helps us deliver high quality e-learning courses.
Cost Effectiveness
We have an extremely skilled team of learning professionals to help recommend the best health and safety solutions for your business, at the best price.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our primary aim and that sets us apart from others.
Local and Global Accreditation
All our courses make your employees fully compliant with the required standards.
Flexible Approach to Learning
We offer a wide variety of innovative training solutions to choose from.

Better Safe than Sorry! Transform your Training


Customized Learning Solutions

Trust us for creating effective online training that can be used to speed up the process of delivering consistent learning.

Safety Hazards

(Slips, trips, and falls, faulty equipment)


Chemical Hazards

(Cleaning products, pesticides, asbestos)


Biological Hazards

(Mold, insects/pests, communicable diseases)


Ergonomic Hazards

(Repetition, lifting, awkward postures)


Work Organization Hazards

Things that cause STRESS!

A safe work environment produces happier employees.


Our Priority, Safety at Every Workplace

CommLab provides safety training for a wide range of workplaces & situations.
Videos have a better impact because learners absorb information better through videos rather than through complex visuals.
Game-Based Learning
Game-based learning for safety training has reduced safety incidents and claim counts by 45%.
Scenario-based eLearning can be an effective way to improve your learners' engagement levels.
Find & Tell Strategy
Allows learners to find a hazard and learn its consequences.
Case Studies
Case studies provide many benefits in safety training. They are especially effective for teaching employees about accident causes.
Blended Learning
Blend the best of both worlds using a combination of delivery formats or modalities.

Safety Training should be your No.1 priority, and we help you achieve that


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Success Stories

Take a look at how CommLab successfully helped clients make their organizations safer places.

An insurance giant takes its commitment to safety very seriously and is equally committed to employee safety and wellbeing. The company held a safety workshop for its employees, aimed at highlighting the PI Safety and Wellbeing journey, including key safety and performance metrics.

They approached CommLab to create two interactive videos on the company’s journey and commitment to employee safety and wellbeing. This project was a huge success due to the hard and smart work demonstrated by the team. The hero of this project was the agile process that had a great impact on the final outcome.

One Fortune 500 company, a manufacturer of electrical components, needed an effective e-learning course to train its engineers on electrical safety. The multilingual online course was to be launched globally.

CommLab developed a Flash course, which used a multilingual interface where learners can easily switch through the different languages, in a single interface.

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