Customized In-House Seminars on Technology-Enabled Learning Solutions

Custom In-House Workshops

It has been our practice to conduct learning seminars for our customers, usually annually. The objective is to mainly ‘educate’ customers’ stakeholders on the various aspects of e-learning.

The benefits are immense – you get the latest and the best that is happening in the world of e-learning in a workshop format in your office, at a fraction of the cost of any comparable open workshop AND you save a lot of time of your participants.

The learning that these seminars bring about is substantial, unique, and useful.

Key Details

Setting: Onsite at your location

When Do You Need an In-House Seminar?

Custom In-house Seminars / Workshops work best when you:

  • Are seeking solutions to meet very specific and peculiar training challenges
  • Have a sizable L&D team and/or SMEs and Classroom trainers
  • Require experts to guide your team to come up with creative solutions
  • Want to save time and the expense of sending your people to far-off seminars

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, it makes a lot of sense to request us to conduct your own seminar/ workshop at your location and at your convenient day and time.


Suggested Topics for Seminars

These are some of the topics that we have conducted seminars earlier:

  • How to Use E-learning to Solve Training Challenges
  • Trends in Technology-enabled Learning: Are You Ready?
  • Blending Classroom with E-learning to Maximize Impact
  • Designing Various Formats of Learning Content
  • Learning Strategies for Product, Software and Compliance Training
  • Fundamentals of Instructional Design
  • Fundamentals of Microlearning
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Learning
  • Selecting the Right LMS for Your Training Needs

Of course, we don’t need to restrict ourselves to these topics. It is possible to discuss and mutually decide on relevant topics, that meet your needs.

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