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eLearning Trends for 2019

We discuss the top eLearning trends being adopted by high-performing organizations for performance enhancement.

Partnering with an eLearning Vendor

Working with an external vendor for eLearning development can yield long-term benefits if handled right. Learn the best practices of working with vendors.

Sales Enablement

Integrate your sales enablement resources on market analysis, competitor awareness, selling skills, and product knowledge through blended learning. Know how.

Science of Learning

How do ensure your training programs are memorable? Join this insightful session on the elements of effective learning, adult learning principles, and performance-based learning objectives.

Blended Learning

Is your training in silos? If 'yes', it's time you get started with blended learning. Explore the various digital assets that can be of part of blended learning and how to design the right blend.

Microlearning 101

Microlearning assets offer on-demand access to learning resources. Learn how to select the right asset based on function and a streamlined process for development.

Learning Strategies and Models

What is the difference between ID models and ID strategies? What are the popular ID models and ID strategies? Get the answers in this session.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Don't lose the investment in your Flash-based eLearning. We’ll help you select the right conversion strategy from the 4 'R's - Record, Republish, Rebuild, Redesign.

Measurement of Training Effectiveness

Learn how the Kirkpatrick's 4-level model of training evaluation will help you calculate training ROI.

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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Strategies

From selecting the conversion strategy to picking the right tool and vendor, this eBook has everything to help you migrate your courses from Flash to HTML5!

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Strategies