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LearnFlux 2024

The Learning Designers’ Conference for Upskilling with AI

 October 15-17 | Virtual


Learn. Share. Collaborate. Upskill. Give Back.


What is LearnFlux?

LearnFlux is a 3-day virtual learning event hosted by CommLab India, for L&D practitioners.

LearnFlux brings together the best minds and thought leaders of L&D from global organizations to promote learning, collaboration, and networking.

Theme of LearnFlux 2024 – Artificial Intelligence

Why Should YOU Join LearnFlux?

If you are looking to make an impact in the field of corporate training, improve your training solutions, upskill yourself with the latest tools & technologies, and expand your network, LearnFlux is for you!

Make a mark for yourself – build your brand, share your expertise, network with peers, and give back to society. Become the most sought-after Training Manager in your organization.

In LearnFlux, you become a valuable member of a vibrant, growing community dedicated to equipping L&D units hone the biggest competitive advantage of organizations – PEOPLE.

Join the elite club of training managers, L&D managers, instructional designers, learning strategists, and stakeholders in the realm of corporate training.

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What’s In It For You?

LearnFlux is for winners like you who invest in personal and professional development by constantly enhancing their skillsets, and have an adapt-to-grow mindset.

Apart from listening to success stories directly from L&D leaders, with LearnFlux, you get to:


Upskill yourself with the latest AI tools


Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Learning strategies & tools


Listen to success stories of L&D leaders


Network with peers across domains


Get exclusive insights into proven solutions


Implement training solutions that make a difference

Contribute to the greater good as we sponsor 20 meals for each registration.

How to Join LearnFlux?


Network, collaborate on innovative ideas, and elevate your career at this unique event experience.

Our Speakers


Paul Langlois
Vice President Enterprise Learning, Ecolab


Tom Kuhlmann
Chief Learning Architect, Articulate


Michael Seelman
Leadership Coach Group


Jaren Krchnavi
GTM Leader,
Siemens Grid Software


Adaluz Julia Veloz
EVP - Head of Talent,


Dr. Heidi Kirby
Co-Founder, Learning and Development Coach and Consultant


Howard Lewis, Ph.D., CPT
Chief Learning Architect,
CommLab India LLP


Dr. RK Prasad
CEO & Co-Founder,
CommLab India LLP

Our Agenda

09:00 AM – 09:45 AM EDT | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CET

Effective Conversations with AI Tools: Prompt Engineering

DR RK Prasad

CEO & Co-Founder, CommLab India

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM EDT | 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Leading with Coaching: Effective Leadership Strategies

Michael Seelman

CEO, Leadership Coach Group

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM EDT | 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM CET

Cost Center to Profit Center (Aligning L&D and Business Leaders to Create Impact)

Julie Veloz

EVP, Employee Experience, Talent and DEI Ketchum

12:30 PM – 01:15 PM EDT | 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM CET

How To Create Sticky eLearning Experiences That Skyrocket Employee Engagement

Shalini Merugu

Director - Learning Solutions, CommLab India

01:30 PM – 02:15 PM EDT | 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM CET

Workshop: ChatGPT for Instructional Designers

Ankit Petkar

Instructional Designer, CommLab India

02:30 PM – 03:15 PM EDT | 8:30 PM - 9:15 PM CET

Building your Brand

Shalini Merugu

Director - Learning Solutions

03:30 PM – 04:15 PM EDT | 9:30 PM - 10:15 PM CET


Shalini Merugu

Director - Learning Solutions

*Terms and conditions: Please note that a few topics or speakers may change subject to speaker availability.


Give Back

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For every LearnFlux registration, we sponsor 20 meals in our local communities.

LearnFlux FAQs

Is it a paid event?

The BASIC PLAN for LearnFlux is absolutely free for our customers. Check out the pricing above for the Essential, Corporate learning and AI, and Build Your Own Brand plans.

Will I have access to session recordings?

If you have enrolled for the Essential, Corporate learning and AI, and Build Your Own Brand Plans, you will receive perpetual access to all session recordings and resources, 2 weeks after the event.

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