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Effectively Managing Your Virtual Team

How to Engage, Guide, and Support a High Performance Team

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As a manager, one of your most challenging tasks in the current scenario would be to lead and manage your virtual team – without the benefit of face-to-face interactions which normally offer engagement, guidance, and support. Building a high-performing, productive team can be a tall order when the team is scattered, coping with isolation, loneliness, and the ever-looming threat of COVID-19.

In the course, Effectively Managing Your Virtual Team, Howard Lewis, Ph.D., a Certified Performance Technologist and Chief Learning Architect for CommLab India, shares proven best practices, tips, and suggestions to work effectively with your virtual teams by connecting, communicating, collaborating, and coaching – 4 golden Cs.

Dr. Lewis draws on his 40 years of experience in instructional design and performance technology along with 26 years of managing virtual teams to help you teach, train, direct, prompt, reinforce, recognize, and reward effectively when working with your remote team.

Dr. Lewis’ 4 Golden Cs

  1. Connect with your team to build rapport, trust, mutual purpose, and confidence.
  2. Communicate to ensure everyone is working toward the goals, and in good mental health.
  3. Collaborate with your virtual team using platforms and apps – but don’t go app crazy!
  4. Coach and lead by example to achieve results and build a high-performing team.

A CommLab India Initiative

to help you deliver effective training in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Get the Course + 4 Interactive PDFs + 2 Worksheets at only $49!

Here’s a quick look at what this course covers:

  • Six techniques to connect virtually, each explained with tips and suggestions
  • Tips to decide the best channel based on the nature of the communication, and starter ideas to establish a communication cadence
  • Platforms and apps that can be used to collaborate – across different categories
  • Guidelines to be an effective coach – focusing on performance and leading by example

20 Questions about Working with Remote Teams Answered!

01What is the foundation of team building to drive accountability and productivity?

02What are meeting bookends and how do they help connect?

03What’s the next best thing to being together in person?

04What can take the place of direct interactions to foster feelings of belonging?

05What’s the most efficient method to make announcements and answer questions?

06What are the factors to decide the best communication channel?

07How do you set communication expectations and boundaries?

08What should the urgent and non-urgent response time be for various communication channels?

09Will a calendar for interactions from daily huddles to annual meetings help?

10How can you convey the right emotion in written communication?

11What are some common collaboration tools for project management and design collaboration?

12What are the most popular video conferencing tools?

13How can you ensure everyone can use collaboration tools effectively?

14How do you make sure the team finds the right files on collaboration platforms?

15What is the greatest contribution you can make as a coach?

16How can you lead by example?

17What are the important desired behaviors a coach needs to role model?

18What are the 4 steps needed to focus on performance?

19Is coaching for performance the same as micromanaging?

20What are the 3 factors that’ll elevate team performance?

A CommLab India Initiative

to help you deliver effective training in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Get the Course + 4 Interactive PDFs + 2 Worksheets at only $49!

Work with your virtual teams effectively, even in the absence of direct interactions.

It’s all about building rapport, instilling a sense of belonging, giving everyone a fair chance to contribute, operating with integrity, and respecting others’ time.

All this and more are covered in… Effectively Managing Your Virtual Team – A Practical Guide for Working Remotely.

Here’s an overview of the course:

You will have access to this course for 6 months from the date of purchase on our Effectus LMS.


Ways to connect with your virtual team and build accountability and productivity, while overcoming the inherent limitations such as feelings of isolation: 

  • Live video
  • Chat and text
  • Discussion forums
  • Meeting bookends
  • Buddy system
  • Non-work activities


Tips to set communication expectations, boundaries, decide on the frequency, and select the channel based on the nature of communication:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Phone


Platforms and apps for various collaboration categories: 

  • Whiteboarding
  • Calendar
  • Quick feedback
  • File management


Guidelines to lead by example:

  • Being straightforward and truthful
  • Acknowledging stress and challenges
  • Honest, inclusive, persistent, and timely
  • Making the same sacrifices demanded of the team
  • Maintaining and encouraging professionalism


You also get access to 4 quick references and 2 worksheets.

Explore guidelines on connecting:

More Info
  • Let your team know how quickly you will respond
  • Create a place for asynchronous dialogue
  • Get creative to offer emotional support
  • Pair up individuals to have a strong support system

Explore what will work best to communicate:

More Info
  • Announcements
  • Policy changes
  • Progress updates
  • Sensitive considerations
  • Client discussions
  • Process improvements

Decide what to focus on in each of these meetings:

More Info
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

Explore the tools you and your team can use for:

More Info
  • Project management
  • Screen sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Reward and recognition

A worksheet where you and your team can define:

More Info
  • Work hours
  • Breaks
  • Urgent and non-urgent communications

A worksheet to capture your discussions including:

More Info
  • KPIs
  • Challenges
  • IT support
  • Training needs

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