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Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom

Master the art of designing and delivering high impact virtual learning!

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If you have facilitated learning in a face-to-face environment, the th ought of facilitating virtual sessions where you aren’t in direct contact with learners can be quite daunting. In addition, the challenge of managing the associated technology with so many options to choose from and of adapting traditional classroom-based activities to fit the virtual space can be overwhelming.

Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom by Howard Lewis, Ph.D., a Certified Performance Technologist and Chief Learning Architect for CommLab India, is designed to address these apprehensions and prepare you to deliver engaging and effective virtual training sessions.

Dr. Lewis draws on his 40 years of experience in instructional design and performance technology to translate the principles and concepts of effective classroom training to suit the virtual space.

In this course, Dr. Lewis helps you:

  • Overcome the limitations of virtual training
  • Master the most effective virtual instructional methods
  • Drive excitement and motivation
  • Leverage concepts, principles, and best practices for designing and delivering instruction in a virtual classroom

A CommLab India Initiative

to help you deliver effective training in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Here’s a quick look at what the course covers:

  • 4 ways to differentiate traditional classroom from virtual classroom
  • 18 instructional capabilities and 10 limitations of the virtual classroom
  • 7 ways to apply appropriate instructional methods for the virtual classroom
  • 22 practical strategies that can create and sustain motivation and excitement 

The course is structured into 5 modules; each with a formative assessment to help you apply your knowledge.

There’s a final mastery assessment as well.

16 Questions of Virtual Training Answered

01 What exactly is a virtual classroom?

02What are the learning experiences best suited for the virtual classroom?

03What should instructors do to maximize impact in the virtual classroom?

04What are the learning experiences best suited for the virtual classroom?

05What should learners do to maximize impact in the virtual classroom?

06What’s the mantra to effectively apply instructional methods in the virtual classroom?

07How can we adapt the 7 elements of instruction to the virtual classroom?

08How do we address the biggest challenge in the virtual classroom – creating and sustaining motivation?

09What are the cues to ‘see’ and ‘read’ your learners’ motivation and excitement levels?

10How can you use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities in the virtual classroom?

11What are the emerging tools that can be incorporated in the virtual classroom?

12How can you engage both small and large groups of learners?

13Do you want to take your virtual class beyond a mere online presentation with a few poll questions?

14How do you create constructive conflict?

15How do you draw out ‘silent’ participants?

16Do blogs, wikis, podcasts, and games find a place in the virtual classroom?

A CommLab India Initiative

to help you deliver effective training in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Get the Course + 4 High Value Job-Aids at only $99!

Make the virtual classroom as engaging, interactive, and dynamic as a face-to-face environment!

It’s all about aligning the instructional methods with the learning objectives and using technology creatively to create a collaborative learning environment.

All this and more is covered in… Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom.

Here’s an overview of each module:

  1. Going Virtual: Distinguish physical and virtual classrooms, identify the primary characteristics associated with the virtual classroom.
  2. Capabilities and Limitations: Explore how technology offers the virtual classroom a wealth of features to overcome its limitations.
  3. Using Appropriate Instructional Methods: Review concepts and principles to adapt traditional methods of learning for the virtual classroom.
  4. Motivation & Excitement: Beat the challenge of creating and sustaining motivation using the right action verbs and instructional activities.
  5. Going Beyond Same Time: Explore how to enhance virtual classes by combining same time and independent time activities, leveraging emerging technology.
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Along with the course you get access to 4 information-rich, interactive quick references.

A handy guide on the countermeasures to 10 common virtual classroom limitations.

More Info
  • Absence of visual cues
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Unpredictability of technology
  • Learner distractions
  • Lower attention spans
  • Inability to focus on learners
  • Controlling the learning set up
  • Limited instructor availability
  • Ensuring adequate learner participation
  • Accommodating different learning styles

A collection of 22 tips on how to use online tools to motivate learners in the virtual classroom.

More Info
  • Expressing feelings and emotions
  • Establishing and maintaining a warm learning environment
  • Providing additional reading/exercise materials
  • Creating constructive conflict or ‘creative abrasion’
  • Extracting positive outcomes from difficult situations
  • Fostering collaboration and team learning

A compilation of 7 instructional methods for the virtual classroom, with examples.

More Info
  • Gain attention
  • Establish relevance
  • Identify objectives and set expectations
  • Present information
  • Facilitate demonstrations and practice exercises
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Assess and evaluate

A breakdown of the synchronous and asynchronous activities possible in the virtual classroom.

More Info
  • Presentations
  • Audio calls
  • Webcam conferencing
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • Whiteboards
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Threaded discussion forums
  • Polls
  • Assessments

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