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Hyderabad, India – May 16, 2024

CommLab India Makes Hosting eLearning Translations on LMS Easy with Multilingual Wrapper


Hosting eLearning translations on an LMS often comes with its own set of challenges. From managing multiple SCORM files for translated versions to obtaining consolidated reports across languages, the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming, and these complexities compromise the effectiveness of the delivery of the eLearning courses. However, CommLab India offers a solution to these challenges with its innovative multilingual wrapper.

The multilingual wrapper, a proprietary tool developed by CommLab India's LMS experts streamlines eLearning translation administration on LMS by consolidating multiple language SCORM packages into a single file. This allows LMS administrators to upload just one course file instead of multiple uploads for each language version.

CommLab India’s multilingual wrapper supports SCORM packages developed on leading authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, dominKnow, and others. "Our multilingual wrapper not only streamlines the management of translated courses but also provides learners with the flexibility to engage with content in their preferred language," added Ayesha Habeeb Omer, MBA, PhD, the COO and Co-Founder of CommLab India.

CommLab India believes in providing flexible and accessible solutions, that’s why they offer the multilingual wrapper on an annual subscription basis, without charging based on the number of users or generated wrappers. This allows multiple users within the same organization to leverage the tool without constraints.

CommLab India’s multilingual wrapper does not translate courses but helps LMS administrators handle multilingual eLearning courses on the LMS. This means they can upload just one file instead of many, making the process smoother. It ensures a great learning experience for users worldwide and makes managing multilingual courses a breeze with its user-friendly interface and helpful features.

About CommLab India

CommLab India serves 300 delighted international customers in 30+ countries, and ranks FIRST among the top providers of Rapid eLearning and Blended Learning Solutions by eLearning Industry.

With its expertise in corporate training, instructional design, and authoring tools, CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions for corporate training at speed, scale, and value.

CommLab India offers the complete spectrum of online training needs, including:

  • Converting classroom training to eLearning curriculums and virtual sessions
  • Designing and delivering microlearning assets 
  • Developing video-based learning 
  • Converting legacy courses to HTML5
  • Translating English eLearning courses into 35 international languages 
  • Enhancing internal teams with its staff augmentation services 
  • Offering LMS installation and admin support services