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Hyderabad, India – February 09, 2024

CommLab India Sets the Stage for Rapid Custom eLearning Transformation with Upcoming Webinar


In today's fast-paced world, the demand for upskilling and reskilling has never been more critical. Learning and Development (L&D) teams find themselves at the forefront of this transformation, tasked with providing timely and effective training solutions to meet evolving skill requirements. Recognizing this urgent need, CommLab India is thrilled to unveil its upcoming webinar "Revolutionize Learning: A Deep Dive into Rapid Custom eLearning." This groundbreaking learning event promises to explore innovative strategies for creating custom eLearning content at speed, empowering L&D professionals to facilitate rapid skill development within their organizations

CommLab India stands at the forefront of the industry, holding the coveted first position for its rapid eLearning solutions .These solutions are designed to rapidly enhance employee performance on a large scale while upholding impeccable quality standards. Through the power of rapid custom eLearning, CommLab India expedites learning processes while fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

The esteemed speakers from CommLab India are Shalini Merugu, Director – Learning Solutions, and Rajesh Damera, Director – Learning Solutions, will lead an engaging and interactive discussion, drawing from their years of expertise. The session will unveil the secrets of rapid eLearning development, delving into cutting-edge tools, techniques, best practices and insights crucial for reshaping learning in the digital age.

Providing employees with opportunities for upskilling and reskilling ensures they remain productive and achieve improved outcomes. Speaking about the webinar Shalini says “To rapidly and efficiently elevate your workforce's skills, the potency of rapid custom eLearning is truly remarkable". It delivers impactful learning experiences that are both efficient and engaging. By striking the right balance between efficiency, quality, and creativity, organizations can drive continuous learning and development within their workforce.

Furthermore, rapid eLearning development empowers L&D professionals to respond efficiently to evolving training needs, ensuring that learning is delivered to learners in a timely manner. "The core principles of rapid eLearning development—redesign, record, rebuild, and republish—are the game changers." Rajesh emphasizes. Within these principles lies the transformative essence that propels eLearning paradigms into the realm of cutting-edge innovation.

Don't miss out on this enlightening webinar, presented by CommLab India in association with eLearning Industry. Mark your calendars for March 28, 2024, at 11:00 am EDT, and register for a revolutionary learning experience!

Want to stay ahead of the curve and seize every learning opportunity? Visit CommLab India’s page for an exciting lineup of upcoming webinars.

About CommLab India

CommLab India serves 300 delighted international customers in 30+ countries, and ranks FIRST among the top providers of Rapid eLearning and Blended Learning Solutions by eLearning Industry.

With its expertise in corporate training, instructional design, and authoring tools, CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions for corporate training at speed, scale, and value.

CommLab India offers the complete spectrum of online training needs, including:

  • Converting classroom training to eLearning curriculums and virtual sessions
  • Designing and delivering microlearning assets 
  • Developing video-based learning 
  • Converting legacy courses to HTML5
  • Translating English eLearning courses into 35 international languages 
  • Enhancing internal teams with its staff augmentation services 
  • Offering LMS installation and admin support services