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Hyderabad, India – February 03, 2022

CommLab India Redefines its Values and Prepares to Script the Next Chapter of Its Success Story


After two successful decades as the global leader in rapid eLearning, CommLab India is now ready for a brand new decade of growth. Their most important asset is their 150-member team that makes up the CommLab India family. They are the reason for its success over the last 21 years, with hundreds of customers across 30 countries. Poised on the verge of exponential growth, CommLab India has redefined its values.

Here’s what CEO & Co-Founder, RK Prasad, shared when he introduced the new values to the team.

Hunger for growth, obsessed with customer delight, accountable and responsible, treat people like people, one team – one family, and serving the needy – these are the values that make CommLab India tick. They drive our passion, and describe each one of us. And they will define our growth, our strategy, our processes, in fact every aspect as we begin this next phase in our endeavors to help our customers achieve and sustain success.

Our Values Explained

An unquenchable hunger for growth has been the driving force of CommLab India since inception. This has helped us create a world class organization without any external funding. Today, we are proud to partner with Global Fortune Clients! Hunger for growth at CommLab India means dreaming big, coming out of our comfort zones, facing our fears, making failure our friend, and continuously learning and adapting in a rapidly evolving corporate training scenario!

Another unifying factor is our obsession with customer delight. We take care to understand their needs, helping in their decision making, and delivering more than promised. Customers are also delighted with the team’s accountability and responsibility. Each one of us takes pride in our work, owns our results, and proactively acts to solve our customers’ problems. Proof? The sheer volume of repeat business and long-term relationships we enjoy with most of our customers!

Along with our fixation for exceptional customer delight is how we treat each other at CommLab India – we understand the importance of treating people like people – being available, being considerate, treating everyone as unique individuals – in other words, showing respect! We know not to take criticism personally, and all of us are encouraged to speak our minds for the greater good of both our customers and the team.

One team, one family has ever been CommLab India’s mantra. Individual achievements do matter, but we know that great success is not possible without the ‘team’. Newcomers are welcomed and taken seamlessly into the team. Together We Win!

We at CommLab India show our gratitude for our success by serving the needy. We consider that a privilege not given to many. It helps to keep us grounded and rewards us with a sense of fulfilment. How do we serve the needy? By extending financial help, bearing educational expenses, and feeding the hungry in our city. Every day, every month, and every year.

These are values that can’t be taught in a class; they are CommLab India’s core values. We want to welcome likeminded people into our team. Finding and placing the right people in the right places will be key to taking CommLab India to the next level as it lays the groundwork for who we are, where we are going, how we will get there, and when.

We are on a path that will take us to places we’ve never been to, to achieve what we haven’t achieved – a path that is full of promise and excitement. It’s a very exciting time at CommLab India and I’m glad that each one of you is part of it. I’m driven and dedicated to make the next ten years of CommLab India the best ever yet! I welcome you all to join me on this ride of a lifetime!

About CommLab India:

CommLab India, with more than two decades’ experience in the learning industry serving 100 International customers in 30+ countries, is one of the most sought-after global leaders for rapid eLearning solutions. It has been ranked first among top providers of Rapid eLearning for 2021 and Blended Learning Solutions for 2020 by eLearning Industry.

With its formidable authoring tool expertise and decades of experience in corporate training and instructional design, CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions for speed, scale, and value… with any authoring tool for: 

  • Converting of ILT material into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging eLearning curriculums, virtual sessions, and other digital learning formats
  • Converting legacy courses (from Flash or any other authoring tool) to HTML5, even when source files are not available
  • Translating English eLearning courses into 35 international languages – both text and audio