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Hyderabad, India – March 6, 2020

Champion eLearning Like a Pro by Registering for this Webinar from CommLab India


CommLab India, an industry leader in providing rapid eLearning solutions to global customers and a champion in eLearning design & development is hosting the webinar ‘Become an eLearning Champion’ in collaboration with eLearning Industry.

eLearning champions are not born, they are made! They are catalysts of change who can bridge the gap between the desire to implement eLearning and its execution. CommLab India with its experience of over 20 years in corporate training, eLearning, and technology-enabled learning holds a vision of empowering L&D professionals who are interested or already involved in championing the cause of eLearning in their organizations.

CommLab India understands that championing the cause of eLearning may not be the primary role of people identified as eLearning champions. These are people who excel at their core jobs – be it training, L&D, or leadership, enjoy a great working relationship with their colleagues and managers, take a keen interest in technology, and are willing to put in some time and effort to develop their own skills. For organizations as well as individuals who are interested in promoting eLearning development and implementation, this webinar offers practical insights on the challenges faced by eLearning champions, along with relevant solutions.

This webinar is being hosted by eLearning Industry on March 26th, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT for a duration of one hour and will be presented by Mr. RK Prasad, CEO and Co-Founder of CommLab India.  The webinar aims to familiarize participants with:

  • Fitting eLearning into their organization’s training strategy
  • Using learning objectives to measure training effectiveness
  • Understanding the role of authoring tools in rapid eLearning
  • Leveraging eLearning translations for effective global training
  • Choosing an LMS that’s right for their training needs

For those interested in securing their spot for this webinar, registrations can be completed using this link.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face in eLearning implementation is the fear of change. Packed with real-life examples and handy tips, this webinar aims to guide participants on responding to challenges in eLearning development as well as implementation. The webinar promises to be an interactive session that’ll be extremely useful for L&D professionals and leaders who are keen on championing eLearning.

Best-in-class organizations are always looking for ways to generate value from their corporate training efforts, and in keeping with that demand, this webinar will begin with a focus on the best strategies to fit eLearning into an organization’s training framework.

Here’s what Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer had to say on the webinar, “Having worked with various stakeholders across different industries and verticals, we are aware of the roadblocks that can hit the digital transformation of learning. We have a vision of enabling eLearning champions across the globe by sharing the practical knowledge that we’ve gained over the years and this webinar is an attempt toward turning that vision into a reality.”

About CommLab India:

CommLab India is the most sought-after global leader for its rapid eLearning solutions. The company has 100 International customers in 30+ countries. It has been adjudged winner of the Silver Award among the top eLearning content development companies for 2019 by eLearning Industry.

With our formidable authoring tools expertise and decades of experience in corporate training and instructional design, we offer rapid eLearning solutions for speed, scale and value with any authoring tool:

  • ILT material conversion into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging eLearning curriculums and other digital learning formats.
  • Legacy Course Conversions from Flash or any other authoring tool to HTML5, even if you do not have source files.
  • eLearning Translation of English eLearning course into 35 international languages – both text and audio.