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Hyderabad, India – July 01, 2021

CommLab India Ranks THIRD among the Top Microlearning Content Providers


CommLab India, the global leader in rapid eLearning solutions for corporate training, has ranked third among the top providers of microlearning solutions! This reflects CommLab India’s expertise in designing and delivering performance-based, highly engaging micro assets that are rooted in solid instructional design.

Among others, eLearning Industry recommends microlearning for corporate training: 

  • To offer anytime, anywhere learning
  • To improve employee engagement and retention
  • For new-age learners (Gen X, millennials, Gen Z)
  • For learners with tight schedules and deadlines (like sales teams)
CommLab India designs and develops microlearning solutions that are perfect for all these – either standalone or as part of blended solutions. CommLab India provides clarity on what microlearning is and isn’t, and helps customers select the best format for each micro asset, always ensuring form follows function. They have the expertise to develop a wide range of popular microlearning assets as seen here.
CommLab India also ensures that each learner-centric microlearning solution is derived from the organizational goals and deals comprehensively with one learning objective. Robust instructional design and adult learning principles make learners active participants in their learning.

The CommLab India Advantage

CommLab India helps organizations maximize training ROI by packaging microlearning assets to be used in different ways – for instance, a learning module for new hires can serve as a refresher for experienced employees. They also repurpose classroom training material and lengthy eLearning courses into microlearning assets using the ‘Rebuild’ strategy of the 4Rs. So, whether it’s presenting the dos and don’ts shared in the classroom as an infographic or the FAQs of a webinar as an interactive module, every piece of training material is used and repurposed, helping organizations avoid the pain of creating content from scratch.

They also enable organizations to use microlearning solutions for both pull and push learning – ‘pull’ learning where assets are uploaded on the LMS for learners to access, and ‘push’ learning where assets are assigned to learners at spaced intervals to reinforce recall and application, and check retention. CommLab India thus helps learners beat the forgetting curve, resulting in better training outcomes.

When you choose to go with CommLab India to develop microlearning content, you will get to populate your employees’ learning journey with learning assets that make the right impact, at the right time, in the right dose. For example, CommLab India designs:

  • Highly effective splash entry videos to grab learners’ attention
  • Infographics with trivia or fun facts to build awareness on the training topic
  • Quizzes to test recall of prior knowledge and for assessments
  • Scenario-based modules to help learners apply knowledge/skills and experience the consequences
  • PDFs and infographics for reinforcement

Success Story 1: Microlearning Curriculums for Product Training 

For a customer from the pharma industry, CommLab India designed several microlearning curriculums. Each curriculum covered 1 medical product in detail, helping sales reps (the target audience) improve their knowledge and hone their selling skills. Each curriculum was structured with individual modules on:

  • Normal anatomy of the particular organ/system (e.g., heart and cardiovascular system)
  • The disease in the organ/system the drug was intended to treat (e.g., coronary artery disease)
  • The drug with its indications, contraindications, dosage, and side effects
  • Performance of the drug vis-à-vis competition
  • Results of clinical trials and research findings
  • Application scenarios to help sales reps answer doctors’ questions

CommLab India developed 400+ responsive microlearning modules that are compatible with all devices and orientations.

Success Story 2: Microlearning in a Blend for Software Training 

CommLab India designed and developed role-based microlearning modules on a new software for an agritech leader. Microlearning assets were used in 3 phases – address learners’ apprehensions on using the new system, offer role-based training based on their usage, and provide post-training support. Microlearning was integrated in the blended program through:

  • A video teaser (that highlighted the drawbacks of the current situation and how the new system would help) to reassure learners and motivate them to use the new software.
  • Role-based simulation courses for each task in the software that were assigned to learners who would be involved in those tasks – based on their involvement and permissions.
  • Quick reference guides (in the form of PDFs) to help learners back on the job.

More than 2000 users were trained on the tool and certified before it went live, saving the organization a lot of costly errors.

This is what Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, COO & Co-Founder CommLab India, had to say on receiving the award. “We are seeing the increasing potential of microlearning which is slowly emerging as one of the mainstays of corporate training due to the many time pressures and hectic schedules learners face today. It is a ‘cool’ way to help millennials learn without being intrusive. And the sheer variety of microlearning assets gives you a wide playing field. We urge all organizations to have microlearning in their corporate training strategy and experience the power of short learning bytes that make a huge impact and maximize ROI!”

About CommLab India:

CommLab India, with more than two decades’ experience in the learning industry serving 100 International customers in 30+ countries, is one of the most sought-after global leaders for rapid eLearning solutions. It has been ranked first among top providers of Rapid eLearning for 2021 and Blended Learning Solutions for 2020 by eLearning Industry.

With its formidable authoring tool expertise and decades of experience in corporate training and instructional design, CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions for speed, scale, and value… with any authoring tool for: 

  • Converting of ILT material into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging eLearning curriculums, virtual sessions, and other digital learning formats
  • Converting legacy courses (from Flash or any other authoring tool) to HTML5, even when source files are not available
  • Translating English eLearning courses into 35 international languages – both text and audio