Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses - Free eBook

Everything You Need to Know to Create Interactive and Engaging E-learning

Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses - Free eBook

Interactive and engaging eLearning courses are preferable by one and all; but earlier, the development of such courses involved huge costs and higher developmental time. However, with the emergence of powerful rapid authoring tools, interactive and engaging eLearning courses now need not be a high-budget project.

Articulate Storyline is one such authoring tool that has eased the process of eLearning development. Instructional designers and learning professionals can come up with interactive courses in a fraction of time and with comparatively lower costs than eLearning courses developed the traditional way.

  • How is Articulate Storyline different from traditional authoring tools?
  • What are the features in Storyline that make it so popular with designers and developers?
  • How can you develop interactive courses in Storyline
  • How does Storyline simplify the implementation of learning strategies?
  • What are the ways Storyline can be used in different training situations?

Download the eBook titled, Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses, to learn answers to these questions and more. The book will give useful ideas to designers and developers for making their eLearning courses engaging and interactive. It also helps stakeholders evaluate the potential of Storyline in terms of addressing their training requirements.

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