Decoding Mobile Learning - A Handy Guide

Decoding Mobile Learning - A Handy Guide

Need-to-Know Information for Today’s Training Manager

How Best Can You Use Mobile Learning in Your Training Strategy?

  • The winning factor of mobile learning is the instant accessibility it provides for learning. The ubiquity of mobile phones and the increasing tendency to turn to the mobile for accessing information has made mobile learning a top training trend in recent times.
  • This eBook will help training managers consider the use of mobile learning for their training needs, by analyzing aspects such as the design considerations, delivery platforms, suitable authoring tools, social engagement, and more.

The eBook Decoding Mobile Learning – A Handy Guide includes:

  • Offering performance support through mobile learning
  • Optimizing mobile learning by assessing the audience, content, and devices
  • Designing assessments for mobiles
  • Selecting the right authoring tool
  • Exploring 3 mobile learning delivery options

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