E-learning: Getting Your Organization READY

E-learning: Getting Your Organization READY

Initiate, Implement, and Sustain your eLearning Venture

Are You Ready?

  • Though eLearning is much sought after, many corporate firms that have moved to eLearning have failed to glean its innumerable benefits. The reason – improper guidance and support during the initial stages of implementation.
  • If you are considering moving your organization’s training programs to eLearning, this eBook is for you.

The eBook E-learning: Getting Your Organization READY will help:

  • Evaluate your organization’s readiness for eLearning
  • Build a compelling business case for eLearning and overcome barriers
  • Decide on whether to make or buy eLearning
  • Choose an eLearning partner and implement eLearning
  • We also suggest downloading the prequel to this eBook E-learning 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding What E-learning is About, which gives the basics of eLearning design and development.