Best Practices for eLearning Design and Development - Free eBook

Comprehensive Guide to Design Effective E-learning Courses

Best Practices for eLearning Design and Development - Free eBook

Learn how to build professional, engaging and interactive eLearning courses that meet your specific training objectives.

Are you involved in the development of online courses? Have you always wished that there was a handy guide which could help you through the process of eLearning Design and Development?

CommLab India has compiled an eBook titled - Best Practices in eLearning Design and Development which could be a valuable resource for eLearning professionals.

You will get an overview of the following in the eBook:

  • What does it take to design an effective eLearning program?
  • Understand the stages of eLearning development process
  • How to develop a strategy for the course?
  • Actual process of developing the program
  • Importance of review
  • Means of eLearning deployment

The key for effective designing is at your door step now! You can design an eLearning course with lasting effect by setting up the expectations of the customers clearly, understanding your audience, employing an effective learning strategy and selecting the right tool for development.

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