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Make Your Online Learning Assessments Interactive and Engaging

15 Incredible Examples of E-learning Assessments

Assessments are an integral part of an eLearning course and go a long way in measuring learners' understanding of the subject effectively. They also help the organization keep a track on their employees' performance and motivate them. Assessments play a key role in the learning process.

We all know about the two types of assessments which are used in the online courses - formative and summative assessments. A formative assessment is conducted after the completion of a unit. On the other hand, a summative assessment is an evaluation at the end. It is similar to a final examination. Effective assessments in online training courses are very useful to measure the progress of learners.

Check out this eBook which gives you on:

  • Ways to make your formative assessments interactive and engaging
  • Ideas to gamify your assessments
  • 15 games which you can use while designing assessments for your online course

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