Increasing User-registrations for Courses Hosted on LMS - Free eBook

Ultimate Guide to Best Practices for Increasing Employee Participation

Increasing User-registrations for Courses Hosted on LMS - Free eBook

>Organizations invest in learning management system expecting it to streamline its training delivery methods. Courses are uploaded on to the LMS and registration details sent to the employees. However, much to the disappointment of training managers, stakeholders or SMEs there are very few takers. One research data claims that only 30% of the registered users actually complete the courses. The numbers anticipated in terms of user registrations too are rather disappointing.

Was the investment made on learning management systems and on the courses developed a waste? What can organizations do to ensure more employees take courses hosted online and complete them successfully?

Download this eBook titled, "Increasing User-Registrations for Courses Hosted on LMS". The eBook would provide,

  • Reasons for high dropout rates for online courses and what you can do about it.
  • Specific guidelines on managing LMS components to increase employee engagement with LMS.
  • Best practices to ensure employee participation in the learning process.

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