Instructional Design Strategies to design Engaging E-learning Courses - Free Ebook

Design Learner-centric E-learning Courses

Instructional Design Strategies to design Engaging E-learning Courses - Free Ebook

Do you teach blue and white-collared workers the same way? Are math and ballet taught the same way? Do you try the same method of teaching in a classroom and for on-the-job training?

If your answer is NO to these questions, you know the importance of strategy.

A strategy is a long-term plan to achieve goals through the efficient use of available resources. Strategies are crucial for the success of any project, including e-learning.

An instructional strategy is a high-level plan of how a subject must be taught. It refers to the methods, techniques, and devices used to instruct learners. People often confuse ID strategies with models. An ID model is frame of reference for e-learning development; an ID strategy is unique and tailored to suit a particular training type.

Want to know what goes into game-based learning and how to use it? Want to know about scenario-based learning, guided learning - terms you’ve heard but don’t have a clear picture of? Our eBook, Instructional Design Strategies - Design Learner-centric E-learning Courses covers all this and so much more.

Get your copy today for insights into:

  • The importance of ID strategies in e-learning
  • How and where scenarios, case studies, simulations, and inquiry-based learning support online sources
  • Parameters that help select the right ID strategy

Get your free copy today and pick winning strategies for your upcoming e-learning courses.

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