All about using iSpring to build interactive online training courses, better and faster!

In today's business context where learners need on-demand access to training, organizations often find themselves at a loss, trying to figure out how to develop accessible online digital training resources rapidly, in a way that facilitates optimum knowledge transfer.

Though organizations have classroom training resources in the form of PowerPoint presentations at their disposal, it becomes a challenge to make them online-ready. This is because these resources need to be enhanced with instructional design principles to work for learners with diverse needs, learning preferences, and learning styles.

iSpring is a versatile e-learning authoring toolkit that helps augment PowerPoint presentations, transforming them into interactive online courses, that can be accessed on multiple devices. Our eBook, iSpring – The Perfect Springboard to Propel E-learning Course Development, explores the various features of this powerhouse that facilitate this transformation, swiftly.

The eBook will provide insights into how iSpring can enhance online courses by:

  • Creating software simulations
  • Developing interactive dialogue conversations
  • Using assessments to evaluate training effectiveness
  • Leveraging videos
  • Developing responsive courses

To know how iSpring facilitates all this and more, download the eBook now!

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