Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design

Tips and Ideas to Design Performance-based Learning Objectives

Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design

Precise and measurable learning objectives set the stage for effective training programs linked to learners' needs. In the first part of this eBook, we've seen how learning objectives shape the entire training program - the scope of the content, instructional strategy, assessment methodology, the cost, and duration of the training. The concluding part of this eBook - Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design - looks at learning objectives from the learners' perspective.

For the learners, learning objectives play a major role in informing what the training has in store for them and how it improves their performance. It is therefore crucial that they are set and communicated appropriately. They also motivate learners to get interested and involved in the training. It means learning objectives need to be unambiguous, measurable, well-crafted and visually engaging.

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  • Creative ideas to present learning objectives

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