How to Harness Moodle LMS Efficiently to Meet Your Training Needs

Learn How to Use Moodle to Meet Your Training Management Needs

Smoothen Your Training Management with Moodle

  • Why is Moodle the most popular Learning Management System (LMS)? What are the features of this amazing software that help manage training management needs effectively? How can this powerful LMS be harnessed, easily and efficiently?
  • Moodle is an open-source LMS, which can provide very effective and affordable learning management solutions. It is power-packed with various features such as excellent support to mobile learning that help deliver training effectively and maximize the ROI on the training dollar.

The eBook How to Harness Moodle LMS Efficiently to meet your Training Needs includes:

  • Installing Moodle in 5 easy steps
  • Managing virtual classrooms
  • Creating 100,000 users in quick time
  • Harnessing the multilingual capabilities of this LMS
  • Sending e-mail notifications automatically
  • Adding a course and assigning it to users
  • Developing a learning plan in Moodle
  • Restricting access to an eLearning course

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