Mobile Learning: How to Overcome Implementation Barriers

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Mobile Learning: How to Overcome Implementation Barriers

It is hard to imagine life without mobiles today; these small devices have created a huge impact in our daily lives - they dictate the way we communicate, plan, organize, workout, and more. Corporate learning has also started making place for mobiles in its hallowed training portals.

Mobile learning has several advantages in store for today’s workforce - offering learners access to information while they are on the move, whenever needed. It offers the comfort of learning, (without having to be tethered to a location or lugging around bulky laptops), in preferred formats, and improves on-the-job application of knowledge.

However, mobile learning is still viewed skeptically by many and has not received its due acceptance. Many issues and doubts plague its adoption. There are questions on its design - will making courses meant for desktops, responsive, help? Can difficult or complex topics really be taught on small devices? How will learners cope with distractions? How safe is organizational data when learners can access resources anytime, anywhere?

Our eBook, Mobile Learning: How to Overcome Implementation Barriers, focuses on the 3 main barriers to mobile learning implementation and the means to overcome them. Access the eBook right now and equip yourselves with insights into:

  • The basics of mobile learning
  • Pedagogical, design, and technological obstacles to the adoption of mobile learning
  • Solutions to the obstacles

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