New Age Product Training for Gen Y Sales Team - Free eBook

Valuable Ideas on How Product Training Can Be Made Appealing to Gen Y Sales Team

New Age Product Training for Gen Y Sales Team - Free eBook

Gen Y are the digital natives who were born after 1980 and they form a sizable population of today's sales force in organizations – estimated to be about 1.7 billion worldwide. They grew up with networked digital technology with internet and mobile phones available easily.

Naturally, this has an influence on the way they think, behave and learn as well. They are also exposed to challenges that are unique to their generation and which was never existent before. Therefore, when it comes to Product training, how can organizations actively engage with Gen Y? How can they tap into the opportunity provided by technology to advance their business interests? Older methods of training may not be sufficient to meet the growing demands of today's business.

Download the eBook on, "New Age Product Training for Gen Y Sales Team" to get insights into the minds of Gen Y and understand training methodologies that best work for them. Additionally, you will also get to know about

  • Challenges faced by Gen Y sales person
  • Understand the typical profile of a Gen Y sales person
  • Aligning product training strategies that best suit Gen Y

The eBook provides some valuable ideas on how product training can be made useful, relevant and appealing to a Gen Y sales person so that he can use it effectively to generate more business.

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