Project Management for eLearning Course Development - Free eBook

Insights on How Can E-learning Projects Be Handled Effectively

Project Management for eLearning Course Development

Learn to manage eLearning projects successfully with a resource that would guide you through the various project management stages of eLearning course development.

Project Management is an approach to manage and control project initiatives of an organization and handling eLearning projects is no different. Different projects are handled in different ways and managing eLearning projects follows a well disciplined approach accompanied with general management skills.

CommLab India has compiled an eBook titled - Project Management for eLearning Course Development which could be a valuable guide for project managers in eLearning industry.

The ebook will give an overview of the following:

  • Introduction to project management in eLearning
  • Understanding project requirements
  • How to develop the scope document and project timeline?
  • Project's managers role during the actual eLearning course development process
  • Checklists before project closure

ELearning projects are different from traditional projects in the sense that there are two projects rolled into one. The first is the software project that is combined with a training project. Therefore, managing such projects is not easy. This guide provides a structured project management approach which is a useful resource for all eLearning course development professionals.

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