Quality Management in E-learning Design and Development

Standards and Measures to Ensure Quality in E-learning Design and Development

Quality Assurance in E-learning Courseware Development - Free eBook

E-learning development is a collaborative effort, requiring several individuals with different skill sets. Errors and issues tend to creep in as the course changes hands in the various stages of design and development. The complexity and scope for errors further increases if e-learning development is outsourced to an external partner. So it is crucial to ensure measures are in place to identify and address issues in the various stages.

What do quality parameters mean in the context of e-learning and how do we ensure quality during e-learning design and development? Our E-book Quality Management in E-learning Design and Development looks at these issues.

It provides standards and quality measures to help spot and correct issues in each stage of development.

Download our eBook for:

  • Quality parameters & characteristics for e-learning
  • ATD standards for e-learning development
  • Quality measures you can put in place
  • Free templates and checklists

If you think you need to review your existing quality assurance process or would like to establish a new one, you will find that this eBook is a handy guide.

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