ROI and E-learning - Myths and Realities - Free eBook

How Do You Calculate the ROI of Your E-learning Investment?

ROI and E-learning - Myths and Realities

As an organization, you would have shifted to e-learning to cut down the costs and difficulties associated with classroom trainings and increase the impact of learning. But how do you evaluate the extent to which e-learning achieves the intended results?

Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four-level Training Evaluation Model is used as the de facto standard to measure the effectiveness of training programs. But performance is not based on a single input; rather, it is a blend of several factors.

So, in this context, how do we measure the ROI offered by e-learning programs? Our eBook ROI and E-learning - Myths and Realities delves into these issues.

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  • The reasons for evaluating training programs
  • The 4 levels of Donald Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation model
  • The 4 steps of calculating ROI
  • How e-learning offsets the disadvantages of classroom trainings for product, software and compliance trainings
  • What e-learning can learn from the world of advertising

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