6 Tips to Make Your LMS User-Centric

All About Making Your LMS User-Friendly

6 Tips to Make Your LMS User-Centric

If you want your Learning Management System (LMS) to yield the desired results, you need to make sure it caters to the needs of your users – training managers, administrators, and learners. Failing which, your LMS will most likely be an expensive storeroom of your online training courses and resources, rarely visited by anyone.

If you do not want your LMS to suffer such a treatment, you will need to make it functionally useful and appealing to your users. You need to incorporate contemporary trends such as gamified learning and mobile learning, along with providing an easy-to-use interface.

So, when you are setting up your LMS, you need to keep all your users in mind and tailor your LMS to cater to their needs. This eBook, "6 Tips to Make Your LMS User-Centric" talks about 6 features that address the needs of your LMS users and in the process, help make your LMS investment successful.

More specifically, the eBook shares:

  • How to make your LMS interface easy–to-use for all users
  • How to include gamified learning in your LMS
  • What it means to have real-time reporting
  • How to encourage collaborative learning
  • How to make your LMS mobile-compatible
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