Delivering LOCALIZED training to your GLOBAL workforce

Delivering LOCALIZED training to your GLOBAL workforce

The Ultimate Guide to Train Your Multicultural Workforce

How to Train Your Diverse Workforce Consistently?

  • It is well-known that globalization has resulted in revolutionary changes in the world of Learning and Development. As companies expand their sphere of operations to overseas markets, the need to impart highly effective training to international staff members is gaining paramount importance.
  • So, how can you train employees who speak several languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds, efficiently? Well, you can meet the learning needs of your multinational personnel effectively, by using eLearning to deliver training in their native languages.

The eBook Delivering Localized Training to your Global Workforce includes:

  • Differences between translation and localization
  • The need for translating and localizing training
  • E-learning courses that are commonly translated
  • The e-learning course translation process
  • Tips to lower translation cost

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