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Use Videos to Vitalize Your Online Training Programs

Just back from a holiday visiting the Great Pyramids of Egypt? Tried explaining to your best friend your feeling when you beheld the wonder standing in the blistering heat, feeling the sand through the very pores of your skin, and feeling dwarfed by their gigantic bulk? I know you would have fallen short of words - painfully, acutely short. But thanks to the technological era we live in, you just flick your Smartphone out of the pocket, open the Gallery, and there you are - sharing the pyramids in all their hallowed splendor to your friend. You and I are not sole participants in this phenomenon.

Videos, with their power to capture and faithfully convey happenings and events, are used increasingly in organizations to deliver effective learning experiences. Their versatility facilitates almost all types of training. This trend is also receiving impetus from the growing use of mobiles by corporate employees. Want to know:

  • How organizations are using videos to cut down training costs?
  • What are the training types that can utilize them and how?
  • The content types that are best conveyed as videos?
  • The new trends in video-based learning emerging due to changing learner characteristics?

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